Sino-Korea Petrochemical's Daily Ethylene Output Hits a New High

Source: 4/6/2021, Location: Asia

Sino-Korea Petrochemical's daily output of ethylene reached 3,028 tons, a record high; on March 31 and April 1, both exceeded 3,000 tons.

At the end of last year, the company's ethylene plant was overhauled and put into production. In response to problems such as the increase in raw material costs at the initial stage of operation, measures such as adjusting the ratio of raw materials and putting into use ethylene de-bottleneck renovation projects have been actively adopted to boost production capacity.

In order to increase the yield of ethylene products, the plant personnel continuously optimized the composition of raw materials and explored the best ratio. The new cold box system of the ethylene debottlenecking transformation project was put into use to relieve the pressure of the cryogenic separation system. The newly built No. 10 heavy raw material cracking furnace was put into use, which greatly increased the amount of raw materials fed. Optimize the operation of the ethylene rectification tower, reduce the reflux ratio, and ensure the yield of ethylene products.

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