Entropy Announces Technology Development & Funding Agreement

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 5/3/2021, Location: North America

Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Entropy Inc. ("Entropy" or the "Corporation") has signed a Technology Development and Funding Agreement (the "Agreement") with the University of Regina's Clean Energy Technologies Research Institute ("CETRI"), which secures exclusive ownership of a new generation of carbon capture solvents.

Highlights of the Agreement include:
- Entropy has secured exclusive rights to a novel solvent designed specifically for Entropy's post-combustion carbon capture and storage ("CCS") systems. This solvent technology is the product of over 25 years of research, and provides large cyclic capacity, high stability, and low operational issues. CETRI test results to date show a step-change reduction in energy requirements and circulation rates compared to all solvents that are currently available.
- Engineering professors Dr. Raphael Idem (founding director of CETRI and SaskPower Clean Energy Research Chair), and Dr. Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul (co-founder of CETRI) will act as advisors to Entropy. Dr. Idem and Dr. Tontiwachwuthikul are international experts and pioneers in the field of post-combustion carbon capture. Dr. Tontiwachwuthikul's work has been cited over 12,500 times and Dr. Idem's research has been captured in over 200 publications. For more than 20 years, their research has been fundamental to advancing solvent-based CO2 capture processes globally and has been integrated into carbon capture facilities in Norway, Canada, USA, Thailand, China, and the Netherlands.
- By establishing the Agreement with CETRI, Entropy has secured access to state-of-the-art equipment and deep experience in post-combustion carbon capture, which has been critical in helping drive the cost of CCS down to the point where it is commercial below $50/tonne. Entropy is seeking patents on several new technologies required to reduce the cost of capturing carbon and storage, including the new solvent class.
- Entropy's CCS technology was developed jointly by Advantage and Allardyce Bower Consulting Inc. ("ABC") and is applicable to most point-source industrial emissions, including sectors that are difficult to decarbonize like power generation, blue hydrogen, LNG, oil and gas processing, and production of cement and steel.

CETRI is one of only a few facilities in the world with full capability of developing and testing CCS solvent technology. CETRI researchers began developing post-combustion carbon capture technology almost 30 years ago for an enhanced oil recovery project at Weyburn, Saskatchewan, which is now the largest existing carbon capture project in the world. CETRI is located in the University's Greenhouse Gas Technologies Center, which houses the following technology and experimental facilities:
- Several versatile carbon capture modules including bench scale, pilot scale and demonstration scale
- Flue gas synthesis to simulate various emissions chemistries and conditions
- Specialty solvent development and testing laboratory including the full spectrum analysis of all aspects of amine performance, including degradation of amines, emissions from amine solvents, foaming behavior, and corrosivity
- Mass transfer studies and testing of a variety of advanced random and structured column packings
- Full catalyst synthesis, characterization, and testing laboratory
- Small-scale catalytic reactors (with H2S and SO2 testing capabilities)
- Specialty solvent synthesis and testing laboratory
- Floor scale catalyst aided carbon capture rigs
- In addition to CCS research and development, the CETRI research team are advancing zero-emission hydrogen (H2) technologies and waste-to-renewable fuels and chemicals

"The University of Regina is excited to embark on this collaboration with Entropy, developing and advancing a high-performance solvent for Entropy's carbon capture and storage system," commented Dr. Hussameldin Ibrahim, Director of CETRI.

Since announcing the founding of Entropy (see Advantage press release of March 31, 2021), Entropy has been engaged by numerous third parties to evaluate and design MCCS projects in multiple industrial sectors. The Corporation looks forward to providing updates on these projects as they progress, independently from Advantage corporate updates.

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