Cortec® Releases New Version of Revolutionary Cooling Water Treatment

Source: 6/17/2021, Location: North America

For years, Cortec® Corporation has revolutionized the water treatment industry by providing effective, easy to use treatments to prevent corrosion during layup of boilers, cooling towers, and closed loop systems. As restrictions on the use and disposal of certain chemicals such as molybdate leave water treatment specialists with fewer options, Cortec® has risen to the occasion by developing a molybdate-free version of Cooling Loop Gator®, a revolutionary corrosion inhibitor to preserve idle cooling loop systems.

Cooling Loop Gator® MF offers simple, safe, easy, and effective corrosion protection for cooling water systems during seasonal, short-term, or long-term layup. This is a critical time when idle equipment is at higher risk for corrosion, which could shorten asset life and complicate startup. While the standard industry practice has been to simply shut down a system and drain the water, this leaves the cooling system internals vulnerable to a problem that could be easily mitigated by the simple application of Cooling Loop Gator® MF.

Cooling Loop Gator® MF is safe and easy to handle, non-hazardous, and non-irritating. It is free of nitrites, phosphates, and chromates. Workers can throw these water-soluble bags directly into the cooling water and circulate the water for about 12-24 hours to obtain a good protective layer before shutdown. Once the bag and powder dissolve, the Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors adsorb on all metal surfaces, reaching recessed areas and interior cavities to form a strong molecular layer that protects metals above and below the surface of the water. After application, the water can either be drained out (flushing application) or left inside (wet layup). All valves should be covered, closed, and shut off to keep the protective vapors within the system. Benefits of Cooling Loop Gator® MF include the following:
• Meets increasing molybdate restrictions and eliminates other environmental hazard and disposal problems
• Protects multi-metals, including galvanized steel and yellow metals (copper, brass)
• Protects inaccessible and recessed surfaces
• Does not need to be removed prior to startup
• Reduces chemical consumption and cost upon startup
• Increases worker productivity and safety

With Cooling Loop Gator® MF, water treatment specialists can now experience the revolutionary benefits of Cortec’s simple corrosion protection solution while measuring up to tighter molybdate restrictions in certain areas.

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