NPD reopens Geobank

Source: 7/9/2021, Location: Europe

Once again, the Geobank is available for viewing core samples and extracting samples for studies.

Everyone whose application has been approved will be contacted by the NPD and receive a suggested appointment. This means that no-one needs to re-apply.

The Geobank has been closed since 4 January due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The re-opening will be gradual, based on guidelines from national and regional authorities.

"We'll be opening cautiously, and have a few temporary criteria for visits. We can receive a maximum of three people at a time, and they must bring their own food and beverages, since they won't have access to the NPD cafeteria. In addition, we will not receive guests from areas with high infection rates," says Jorgen Ramse Vadla of the NPD Geobank.

As of today, around 25 approved applications will be fulfilled. Due to the NPD summer holiday period, some delays must be expected.

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate stores core samples and cuttings from exploration and production wells on the Norwegian shelf, as well as oil and reference samples for geochemical standards.

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