DCS & ESD Transformation of Jilin's Phenol & Acetone Plant Completed

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 7/29/2021, Location: Asia

The DCS and ESD system upgrades of the phenol acetone unit of the Jilin Petrochemical Dyestuff Plant have been completed for more than three months, and they have been running well after being put into operation.

The transformation of DCS and ESD systems is one of the key implementation projects for the overhaul of Jilin Petrochemical Dyestuff Plant this year. The DCS system was built when the device was completed and put into production in September 1996, and the ESD emergency shutdown system was built in 2008. Due to the long operating life, it can no longer fully meet the production and safety requirements.

"Now the overhaul has entered the stage of point-by-point debugging of the internal loops of the system. 1,850 loops have been tested at 1,000 points. The instrument staff is combining the flow chart and correcting the debugged errors with the manufacturer, and correcting a little bit. 'Well." Jiang Jinxing, the person in charge of the project and the deputy director of the electrical instrument workshop, introduced.

In order to speed up the "deciphering" of the calibration points, Director Jiang organized two groups to jointly check and debug the system points. One group was in the control room and the other was in the installation site, through the walkie-talkie, to jointly observe the point terminals. Completed the verification of 1840 I/O points. Every error correction item is recorded on site to ensure that any data is error-free.

A total of 140,000 extension meters of signal cables were laid, 240 cable heads were fabricated and arranged; more than 50 logic interpretations were compiled, and 12,000 point cables were disassembled; 17 old cabinets, 7 auxiliary consoles, and 12 consoles were dismantled. ; The instrument signal cable removal and restoration, wiring inspection, calibration, debugging, loop joint calibration, interlocking test and cable laying of the newly built 14 cabinets.

The project started on June 10, and the process was delivered on July 10. The DCS update completes the installation and commissioning of the control station and operation station; the DCS is connected to the field instruments and valves for 2,350 points, and the completion rate is 100%. ESD upgrade and transformation of the control station, operating station installation, all card replacements, and software upgrades have been completed; configuration information has been converted from the old version to the new version; ESD internal point debugging has been opened up; 23 hardware interlock buttons with the auxiliary operation console have been completed Commissioning is completed; 137 sets of chain commissioning have been completed.

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