Petrobras Clarifies about Pieces of News in the Media

Source: 8/19/2021, Location: South America

Petrobras clarifies pieces of news in the media about the supply of natural gas for electric power generation.

The company clarifies that it has expanded the supply of fuel for thermal power plants, which allowed to increase, between September 2020 and June 2021, the thermoelectric power generation of its plants and of customers from about 2 thousand MW to almost 8 thousand MW. In the same period, the volume of gas made available by Petrobras for thermal power plants increased from 12 million to 35 million m³/day.

The increase came through a series of measures to maximize the supply of natural gas to the market, among which the following stand out:

- expansion of the capacity of the Baía de Guanabara Regasification Terminal, from 20 million to 30 million
m³/day; - positioning of the two regasification vessels at the Bahia (TR-BA) and Rio de Janeiro terminals;
- LNG (liquefied natural gas) imports, reaching more than 14 vessels a month;
- flexibility by the ANP on the specification of the gas processed in the Caraguatatuba treatment unit; and
- the interconnection of Routes 1 and 2 of the pre-salt gas flow.

In addition, the company continues to negotiate a new interruptible contract with Bolivia and evaluating alternatives for the availability of a third regasification vessel.

The company started to offer fuel oil for use by thermoelectric customers, reaching 183,000 tons and 44,000 m3 of diesel in June 2021. The increase in supply was possible because of operational optimizations at the refineries and imports.

Regarding the scheduled stoppage of the Mexilhão platform and the Rota 1 gas pipeline, the company reinforces that the postponement to August 29th reduces the impact period of the shutdown on the sales contracts, allowing for an increase in natural gas-fired power generation due to the availability of gas for additional days for the Cubatão, Araucária, Linhares, Santa Cruz, William Arjona, and Norte Fluminense plants, in addition to Termopernambuco plant, which will no longer have a shutdown during this period.

The transfer of the vessel from Pecém to Bahia allows the supply of the Southeastern and Southern UTEs (UTEs Arjona and Araucária - total capacity of 650 MW), which, together with the diesel generation at UTE Termoceará (200 MW), more than compensates for the temporary unavailability in the Northeast (about 750 MW) and also provides additional capacity of about 100 MW during the repositioning period.

Petrobras, once again, reinforces that stoppages such as Mexilhão and Route 1, given their complexity and scope, are necessarily planned well in advance - therefore, programmed - considering the mandatory regulatory deadlines, the need to contract goods and services, and coordination with the other agents in the sector to ensure compliance with contractual commitments with the market.

The intervention is necessary to ensure safety and avoid accidents, reinforcing the integrity of highly complex equipment and facilities, whose inspection and maintenance must be carried out as recommended by the norms and technical standards. Petrobras reaffirms safety as a fundamental value.

The company continues to meet all contracts, in accordance with the terms and deadlines established, and making every effort to maximize the supply of gas and guarantee the reliability of the supply to its customers.

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