Ikon Introduces Open, User-Centric Curate Enhancements Enabling Greater Democratization

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 9/27/2021, Location: Europe

Ikon Science, a leading global provider of geoprediction and subsurface knowledge management software and services, announces the launch of new, user-centric enrichments within Curate. Curate is a scalable, cloud-enabled, subsurface knowledge management solution that enables energy companies to best leverage and contextualize disparate existing data – regardless of source – for superior data democratization and business learnings that drive faster and more accurate decision making. Curate helps companies accelerate exploration, minimize portfolio risk and optimize production activities, achieving greater results while preserving capital and human resources for a stronger bottom line.

Traditional, highly specialized subsurface workflows rely on full-featured single-discipline software packages. Such applications typically carry a high price tag, don’t scale and have a significant barrier to entry in terms of skillsets and training. Curate’s powerful automation liberates data from silos and enables all end users to access and interpret data and knowledge on demand, protecting data from today’s workforce transitions that risk compromising utilization.

The additions include:
- Collaborative Workspace – Enhancements that increase data usability by enabling users to quickly search any documents and data across projects to obtain results and share key visualizations and interpretations with all stakeholders
- Well Viewer – Enhancements to further validate selected well data’s relevance in specific workflows
- Seismic Viewer – Ability to superimpose horizons, wellbore trajectories, and associated wellbore data (logs, markers, etc.) onto seismic viewer for a combined understanding of subsurface
- Attribute Analyzer – Built-for-purpose for geoscientists trying to get the most out of QI inversion products, Attribute Analyser provides practical insight and analysis with the right mix of ease-of-use, elegant visualisation and targeted functionality to realise the value locked in these volumes
- Mapping and Contouring – Capability to provide a?quick and intuitive means of visualizing and QC’ing key well data items in a geospatial map view for ongoing?planning, review, and interpretation and incorporation of data trees for deeper understanding of multiple data types on wellbore and spatial levels
- Linking these user-centric enhancements with tailored workflows into the single cloud-enabled workspace Curate offers provides immediate open access to enterprise data and best-in-class workflows – from anywhere – for real-time dynamic collaboration within and across projects. This empowers energy companies to minimize missteps in the field and realize greater efficiencies for a stronger bottom line.

“Providing instant, seamless access to past and current project data across legacy software programs and OSDUTM data platform in one workspace while optimizing specialist apps and workflows enables energy companies to save valuable time while preserving human resources and capital,” explained Dr. Denis Saussus, Chief Executive Officer of Ikon Science. “Our culture of continuous improvement, focused on usability, helps energy companies best leverage their vast knowledge and data resources for greater competitive advantage and ROI.”

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