Siemens Installs Leased Rapid Response Transformers to Return to Service

Source: 10/11/2021, Location: North America

- Siemens Energy’s on-demand mobile resistance transformer allows equipment to be leased out and deployed rapidly to maximize grid resilience while mitigating the impacts of long-term outages or for emergency response from a failed transformer.
- Rapid response generator step-up (GSU) transformers are a temporary solution that are designed to reestablish power with three compact and versatile single-phase units in case of a transformer failure. Transport and installation is capable of being completed within weeks, instead of a customer waiting 9 to 12 months for a replacement GSU transformer to be manufactured and delivered.
- Solution offers multi-voltage flexibility to be installed as a plug-and-play option to fit almost any generation and transmission voltage arrangement.

Siemens Energy announced the successful delivery and installation of three single phase Pretact® GSU Sensformer™ transformers that were deployed to provide a solution in response to a failed conventional transformer at a combined cycle power plant.

The Pretact transformers are designed to serve as replacement equipment in the event of transformer outages. These are multi-voltage, modular transformers that can be deployed anywhere and configured to match customer requirements using biodegradable insulating fluids that reduce environmental risks during transport and operation. They also offer smart technology that transmits real-time data to a cloud-based storage, analytics and visualization platform to allow for performance optimization.

Siemens Energy is leasing the transformers to the facility, which made it possible for the power plant to return to service in less than two months from a forced outage caused by a failure of their existing, conventional GSU transformer. The Pretact Sensformers will be in service until Siemens Energy delivers a new, permanent replacement transformer. The project is part of the Pretact transformer program that aims for rapid deployment of equipment to minimize outage times.

Society depends on reliable electricity, as long-term power interruptions can have disastrous consequences. Siemens Energy is focused on improving grid resiliency by offering mobile plug-and-play units that can quickly restore power after a failure at either a substation or generating facility or to avoid disruptions during grid maintenance and upgrades. Compared to conventional transformer replacements, which might not be available for 9 to 12 months after an outage, the easy-to-install Pretact technology allows for rapid reinforcement of a power grid in an emergency or due to unexpected events, as well as during seasonal peak loads or when networks expand.

Wade Lauer, senior vice president of Siemens Energy’s Transmission division in North America said, “This is the first time a multi-voltage GSU has been leased to customers as a flexible transformer replacement option. Being able to rapidly deploy innovative replacement equipment is key to enhancing grid resiliency here in the U.S. so that we can help our customers keep the lights on.”

Scott Gray, operations manager for Siemens Energy Transformers USA said, “Upon notification of the failure the Siemens Energy team was able to confirm a technical match, negotiate terms, mobilize to the storage location, and prepare the units for shipment within 2-1/2 weeks. The equipment was delivered to the customer site the next week, and was fully assembled, oil filled and tested in less than two weeks from mobilization to site.”

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