Adepth Minerals Secures Funding for Core Sampling Solution

Source: 11/23/2021, Location: Europe

Norwegian deep sea mineral exploration company Adepth Minerals has received a NOK 11.7 million grant from Innovation Norway - triggering investment in state-of-the art FlexiCore technology enabling collection of deep sea mineral core samples in 2022.

Together with cooperation partners Seabed Solutions and DeepOcean, Adepth Minerals will develop FlexiCore – a core sampling solutions that is more flexible and efficient than other coring solutions. It will be able to with the ability to core in sloping and variable terrain, core at an angle from vertical, change drilling bits at the seabed, and be able to take core samples on multiple locations without recovery to the surface due to its inherent mobility.

? “Our FlexiCore technology will be able to take more and better cores on the seabed in less time. It will be an important element for realizing better knowledge-building based on a larger amount of data collected,” says Dr. Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt, CEO of Adepth Minerals.

? The three companies Adepth Minerals, Seabed Solutions and Deep Ocean have developed the concept of FlexiCore technology utilizing the partners complimentary competence and experience within geoscience, developing, and operating state-of-the-art subsea technology and extensive subsea operational track record.

? FlexiCore is a state-of-the-art core sampling technology based on technology and equipment from land operations, where certain critical equipment components are replaced, and the equipment is "marinized" and adapted to operations in the deep sea.

? The FlexiCore will be mounted to the “Seabed Excavator”, an existing electric, crawling, flexible and powerful subsea tool carrier designed for deep sea operations down to 4,000 meters and has previously completed projects at 3,200 meters. The Seabed Excavator and FlexiCore drilling equipment are electrically powered and remotely controlled from an offshore service vessel.

? “We are proud to collaborate in this important technological development and we are eager to contribute with our expertise building and operating equipment for deep sea operations. This project strengthens our portfolio of delivering more cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions for subsea operations” say Christian Aas, CEO for project partner Seabed Solutions AS.

? To begin with, Adepth Minerals expect that the FlexiCore will be used for data collection related to the exploration and evaluation of the mineral potential on the Norwegian shelf. There is already strong interest in the equipment from research institutions and commercial players who see the technology as complementary to their own subsea technology.

? “Our ambition is to provide more data through efficiently core drilling of potentially economically interesting mineral deposits to gain a better understanding of their distribution and resource potential. The funding from Innovation Norway is highly valuable to us, and we expect to be ready for coring during 2022,” adds Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt.

? “In addition to providing a highly cost-efficient core sampling solution, FlexiCore is designed to minimize our environmental footprint compared to other solutions, with more efficient operations, combined with smaller equipment and vessels, equal less energy consumption and associated emissions,” says Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt. This is in line with Adepth Minerals’ ambition of delivering sustainable exploration and extraction of marine minerals through environmentally responsible marine operations using new, low carbon technology and by integrating big data and artificial intelligence for prospect analysis and risk assessment.

? In addition to being a flexible core drilling solution suited for deep sea mineral exploration, the FlexiCore technology can be utilised for both offshore wind and infrastructure surveying and preparations.

? “We are developing some unique technology in this project which is an important addition to our offerings. This allows us to strengthen our position as a leading subsea service provider enabling the sustainable use of ocean resources” says Andries Ferla, Andries Ferla, Ocean Solutions and Technology Director of project partner Deep Ocean.

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