Annual Gas Production of Fuling Shale Gas Field Exceeds 7BCM for First Time

Source: 12/31/2021, Location: Asia

Correspondent Lei Li, Dai Ying, and correspondent Wang Yan reported: Since the beginning of this year, the Fuling shale gas field in Jianghan Oilfield has accelerated production capacity, increased pressurized extraction and drainage gas production, strengthened the connection between production and sales, and achieved full production and sales. As of December 28, the Fuling shale gas field had produced 7.089 billion cubic meters of gas, a year-on-year increase of 7.1%.

The commissioning of new wells is an important way for the gas field to increase production. The Fuling shale gas field has carefully deployed production capacity construction to continuously increase the commissioning speed of new wells. In accordance with the principles of early preparation, early construction, and early production, they established an integrated management system for production capacity construction, decomposed tasks to various departments and units, refined the schedule to the day, and carried out well site surveys and plan preparation in advance. Lay ahead for the production capacity construction; accelerate the advancement of drilling, fracturing, gas testing, etc., close the connection of production links, and strengthen the application of new technologies. This year, more than 100 new wells have been put into production.

In terms of stable production and production increase of old wells, the gas field has increased its pressure-boosting and drainage gas production efforts. Through careful layout of pressure-increasing stations and remote intelligent pressure-increasing measures, it has effectively ensured the stable production of natural gas in old wells; a working group has been established to implement drainage with one well and one policy. Gas production measures to reduce the overall decline rate.

At the same time, the gas field scientifically formulated a sales plan, strengthened contact with the national pipeline network and industrial and civil users, paid close attention to the pipeline network and user conditions, and accurately peaked the supply to ensure supply. In response to the problem of natural gas sales from remote and scattered gas wells, they coordinated with multiple parties and used self-built pipelines and other methods to effectively improve their ability to ensure supply.

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