USA Industries Introduces GripSafe® ST

Source: 1/1/2022, Location: North America

USA Industries has released its all new, patented GripSafe® ST piping isolation and testing plugs. Used in applications such as weld testing of flange-to-pipe connections, pipe spool testing and open-ended pipe isolation, GripSafe ST offers superior technology with unrivaled safety and reliability advantages.

GripSafe ST virtually eliminates the risk of dangerous plug movement or ejection with its independently actuated wedge system. Two of the plug models include an automatic gripping feature, allowing the plugs to hold backpressure from the moment it is inserted into the pipe.

GripSafe ST also uses specially designed wedges that do not penetrate the pipe wall, thus avoiding pipe damage caused by gripping components with serrated edges. The wedges feature Gritlock™, a proprietary coating, that can be used across any pipe alloy without carbon contamination. Tri-Ply™ high-performance seals offer increased durability and reduce shape fatigue.

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