TOYO Starts Electrification Study on Ethylene Cracker commissioned by NEDO

Source: 2/22/2022, Location: Asia

Toyo Engineering Corporation (TOYO, President and CEO Haruo Nagamatsu) has been selected as the commissioned contractor of a project “Surveys of suitability of demonstration requirements for demonstration research project on an electrification technology of ethylene cracking furnaces realizing net zero emissions of CO2 in Thailand” for the basic study stage as part of the scheme of the International Demonstration Project on Japan’s Energy Efficiency Technologies in the 2nd public solicitation of 2021 by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

This basic study project will evaluate the demonstration research planned to be carried out for developing the electrification technology and its business in Thailand, with regard to the fitness and feasibility as NEDO project, as well as the possibility of widespread utilization of the developed technology after the demonstration.

In the process of producing ethylene, the main base material for petrochemical products, a large amount of CO2 is emitted from the cracking furnace that burns fossil fuels to obtain the required heat. This accounts for most of the CO2 emissions of the entire ethylene plant. By the electrification of ethylene cracking furnaces, CO2 emissions can be reduced to zero in theory, which meets the demands of the times. TOYO named the electrified cracking furnace e-FurnaceTM and is developing for commercialization.

TOYO has a track record of many ethylene projects around the world. Decarbonization of ethylene cracking furnaces is one of our important themes for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. TOYO will contribute to it through the demonstration and commercialization of e-FurnaceTM technology.

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