The Largest Electric-Driven Fracturing in Jianghan Field completed

Source: 3/22/2022, Location: Asia

The largest electric-driven fracturing construction in the Fuling shale gas field of Jianghan Oilfield was completed on the Jiaoye 12 expansion platform. Compared with the diesel-driven fracturing unit, the construction efficiency was improved by 71%. %, and the average single well reduces carbon emissions by 92 tons, marking that the electric drive fracturing technology in the Fuling shale gas field has reached the world's advanced level.

The Jiaoye 12 expansion platform is located in Jiaoshi Town, Fuling District, Chongqing City, with a total of 12 shale gas wells deployed. The construction is equipped with a 5500-type all-electric fracturing unit, which adopts the well factory construction mode to realize the whole process of fracturing, fluid distribution, and sand transportation. The number of fracturing wells on a single platform in domestic shale gas development is the largest, the number of stages is the largest, the amount of liquid addition is the largest, the sand addition amount is the largest, and the efficiency of a single unit is the highest. Five construction records. Compared with diesel-driven fracturing, electric fracturing reduces floor space by 23%, reduces energy consumption by 33% on average, and reduces noise by 46%, achieving both economic and environmental benefits.

In this fracturing construction, the Fuling shale gas field scientifically organized production, using sub-cluster, inter-cluster temporary plugging, intrafracture temporary plugging, and high-strength sand fracturing techniques, and back pressure valves were used to enter the station during gas testing. According to the test process, the average single well recovers about 200,000 cubic meters of shale gas, which effectively reduces the venting and combustion during the gas test.

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