Imperial Announces Terms of its Substantial Issuer Bid for up to $2,500,000,000

Source: 5/2/2022, Location: North America

Imperial Oil Limited announced the terms of its substantial issuer bid (the “Offer”) pursuant to which the company will offer to purchase for cancellation up to $2,500,000,000 of its common shares (the “Shares”). Subject to obtaining certain exemptive relief under applicable securities laws in Canada and the United States, the Offer will proceed by way of a modified Dutch auction that includes the ability for shareholders to participate via a proportionate tender. The modified Dutch auction procedure will have a tender price range from $62.00 per Share to $78.00 per Share. All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

The Offer is expected to commence on May 6, 2022 and remain open for acceptance until 5:00 p.m. (Calgary time) on June 10, 2022, unless withdrawn, extended or varied by Imperial.

The Offer will be for up to approximately 6 percent of Imperial’s total number of issued and outstanding Shares (based on a purchase price equal to the minimum purchase price per Share and 669,143,714 Shares issued and outstanding as at the close of business on May 2, 2022).

Exxon Mobil Corporation (“ExxonMobil”), Imperial’s majority shareholder, has advised Imperial that it will make a proportionate tender in connection with the Offer in order to maintain its proportionate Share ownership at approximately 69.6 percent following completion of the Offer.

Holders of Shares wishing to tender to the Offer may do so pursuant to: (i) auction tenders in which the tendering shareholders specify the number of Shares being tendered at a specified price of not less than $62.00 per Share and not more than $78.00 per Share in increments of $0.25 per Share; (ii) purchase price tenders in which they will not specify a price per Share, but will rather agree to have a specified number of Shares purchased at the Purchase Price, as defined below; or (iii) proportionate tenders in which they will agree to sell, at the Purchase Price, a number of Shares that will result in them maintaining their proportionate Share ownership in Imperial following completion of the Offer. Shareholders who validly tender Shares without specifying the method in which they are tendering their Shares, or who make an invalid proportionate tender, including by tendering an insufficient number of Shares, will be deemed to have made a purchase price tender. For purposes of determining the Purchase Price, shareholders who make, or who are deemed to have made, a purchase price tender will be deemed to have tendered their Shares at the minimum price of $62.00 per Share.

The purchase price to be paid by Imperial for each validly deposited Share taken up by the company (the “Purchase Price”) will be determined upon expiry of the Offer and will be based on the number of Shares validly deposited pursuant to auction tenders and purchase price tenders, and prices specified by shareholders making auction tenders. As a result, Imperial’s shareholders who tender their Shares (other than ExxonMobil and shareholders who make proportionate tenders) will set the Purchase Price for the Offer. The Purchase Price will be the lowest price (which will not be less than $62.00 per Share and not more than $78.00 per Share) that enables the company to purchase Shares up to the maximum amount available for auction tenders and purchase price tenders, determined in accordance with the terms of the Offer. Shares deposited at or below the Purchase Price as finally determined by Imperial will be purchased at such Purchase Price. Shares that will not be taken up in connection with the Offer, including Shares deposited pursuant to auction tenders at prices above the Purchase Price, will be returned to the shareholders.

If the aggregate purchase price for Shares validly tendered pursuant to auction tenders and purchase price tenders is greater than the amount available for auction tenders and purchase price tenders (after taking into consideration the proportionate tenders), Imperial will purchase Shares from the shareholders who made purchase price tenders or tendered at or below the Purchase Price as finally determined by Imperial on a pro rata basis, except that “odd lot” holders (shareholders who own fewer than 100 Shares) will not be subject to proration.

Imperial expects to mail the formal offer to purchase, issuer bid circular, letter of transmittal, notice of guaranteed delivery and other related documents (collectively, the “Offer Documents”) containing the terms and conditions of the Offer, instructions for tendering Shares, and the factors considered by Imperial, its Special Committee and its Board of Directors in determining to approve the Offer, among other considerations, on or about May 6, 2022. The Offer Documents will be filed with the applicable securities regulators in Canada and the United States and will be available free of charge on SEDAR at and on EDGAR at Shareholders should carefully read the Offer Documents prior to making a decision with respect to the Offer.

The Offer will not be conditional upon any minimum number of Shares being tendered. The Offer will, however, be subject to other conditions described in the Offer Documents and Imperial will reserve the right, subject to applicable laws, to withdraw, extend or vary the Offer, if, at any time prior to the payment for deposited Shares, certain events occur.

Imperial’s Board of Directors has approved the making of the Offer and the price range for the purchase of Shares thereunder upon the recommendation of its Special Committee. However, none of Imperial, its Special Committee, its Board of Directors, the dealer manager or the depositary makes any recommendation to any shareholder as to whether to deposit or refrain from depositing Shares under the Offer. Shareholders are urged to evaluate carefully all information in the Offer, consult their own financial, legal, investment and tax advisors and make their own decisions whether to deposit Shares under the Offer, how many Shares to deposit, whether to deposit Shares pursuant to the same tender option or different tender options and whether to specify a price or prices and, if so, at what price or prices to deposit such Shares.

The Offer referred to in this news release has not yet commenced. This news release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to buy or the solicitation of an offer to sell Shares. An offer to buy the Shares will only be made pursuant to Offer Documents to be filed with the applicable securities regulators in Canada and the United States which remains subject to obtaining the necessary exemptive relief under applicable securities laws in Canada and the United States. The Offer will be optional for all shareholders, who will be free to choose whether to participate, how many Shares to tender and, in the case of auction tenders, at what price to tender within the specified range. Any shareholder who does not deposit any Shares (or whose Shares are not repurchased under the Offer) will realize a proportionate increase in equity interest in Imperial, to the extent that Shares are purchased under the Offer.

Imperial has retained RBC Capital Markets to act as financial advisor and dealer manager in connection with the Offer and Computershare Investor Services Inc. (“Computershare”) to act as depositary. Any questions or requests for information may be directed to Computershare at 1 (800) 564-6253 (Toll Free within North America) or 1 (514) 982-7555 (outside North America) or to RBC Capital Markets as dealer manager for the Offer at

Imperial is one of Canada’s largest integrated oil companies. It is active in all phases of the petroleum industry in Canada, including the exploration for, and production and sale of, crude oil and natural gas. In Canada, it is a major producer of crude oil, the largest petroleum refiner and a leading marketer of petroleum products. It is also a major producer of petrochemicals. The company’s operations are conducted in three main segments: Upstream, Downstream and Chemical.

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