Guangxi Petrochemical Accelerates the Upgrading of National VIB Gasoline Quality

Source: 5/10/2022, Location: Asia

Guangxi Petrochemical Company has accelerated the upgrade of National VIB gasoline quality. On the basis of the successful implementation of the catalytic medium gasoline to naphtha hydrogenation technical transformation project in the early stage, the company successfully put into operation the gasoline etherification light gasoline technical transformation line again on May 5. At present, the olefin content of the upgraded oil is less than 3%. Add more power to meet China VIB gasoline requirements.

Gasoline etherification unit is to react isopentene in light gasoline with methanol to generate TAME, so as to reduce gasoline olefins, increase octane number, and turn low-value methanol into high-value gasoline. The newly added technical upgrading line sends the unreacted C5 ether gasoline to the hydrogen phase II raffinate upgrading unit, and reduces the olefin content of the ether gasoline through the isomerization and aromatization reaction.

Since the technical transformation pipeline is located on the branch line from the gasoline after ether to the tank farm, in the process of putting into use, the relevant departments cooperate closely and gradually adjust the delivery volume of the gasoline after the technical transformation of ether to ensure the gasoline etherification unit and raffinate oil. Smooth operation of the reformer.

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