Increasing the number of dredgers working on the southern development of Suez Canal

Source: 5/8/2022, Location: Africa

General Osama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, announced on Sunday the entry of the dredger "Tarek bin Ziad" one of the dredgers of the Authority to work on the project of expanding the canal as part of the initiative to develop the southern sector of the canal, bringing the total number of dredgers working in the project to eight, this came during his inspection of the traffic of the canal and follow-up to the development of the dredging works.

Rabie confirmed that the project to develop the southern sector of the canal is moving at an accelerated pace to increase the navigational safety factor in the southern sector by 28% and increase the channel capacity in that area by an additional 6 ships.

Rabie explained that the completion rates at the site of the double canal project in the Lake District from km 122 to km 132 amounted to 24%, with total dredged quantities of 15 million cubic meters of water-saturated sand, while the total rate of dredging at the site of the canal expansion project from km 132 to km 162 amounted to about 5.7 million cubic meters of water-saturated sand with a completion rate of 32%.

Rabie pointed out that the increase in the number of dredgers working on the project to 8 dredgers will increase the completion rates in the coming period, where four dredgers are currently working in the expansion and deepening project, namely the dredger "Mahab Mamish", "Hussein Tantawi", “Sadik”, and "Tarek Bin Ziad", while the dredgers "Hamra", "Port", "Sadr" and "Kasiopia" are working in the salty lakes project.

Rabie was keen to Follow up on the latest engineering and civil work in the vicinity of the expansion and deepening project, where the completion rate of the new taxis exceeded about 56%, and the processing of sedimentation basins is nearing completion with an completion rate of 85%, and the completion rate of the new anchor candles exceeded 45 %.

It should be noted that the channel's traffic is operating on a regular basis and is witnessing an increase in the numbers and cargo of ships passing through, with navigation reports recorded during Sunday and Saturday, the transit of 120 ships from both directions with a total load of 7.5 million tons.

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