PGS and OFG are Preparing Database on Norway's Seafloor Mineral Deposits

Source: 6/3/2022, Location: Europe

The NPD and the University of Bergen have released new data on seafloor minerals in Norway that is unique and rich in multiphysics. Three of the four studies had OFG involved in data collection. The imaging of this data can be quite useful in guiding the development of a long-term mining industry.

Since 2018, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) has carried out annual research surveys on and around the Mohns and Knipovich ridges to identify and investigate seafloor massive sulfide (SMS) and manganese crust deposits.

Potential Applications
- Understanding the mineral systems and the environments they support
- Guiding exploration activities
- Guiding the development of existing and new technology to detect and characterize mineral deposits
- Guiding the development of technology for the responsible extraction of seafloor minerals
- Using a new workflow to condition, analyze, and interpret the released dataset, OFG and PGS are preparing to build a database of conditioned, action-ready data and interpretations for use throughout the exploration, characterization, and development lifecycle.

OFG and PGS are preparing to build a database of conditioned, action-ready data and interpretations to enable sustainable seafloor mineral exploration, based on the unique and rich multiphysics information on seafloor minerals in Norway published on 2 June 2022 by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

The NPD data includes:
- Drilling and sampling data
- Shipboard and AUV multibeam echosounder data
- Sidescan sonar, synthetic aperture sonar, and sub-bottom profiler data
- AUV magnetic data
- AUV self-potential data
- Water sampling/geochemical data including pH, ORP, and methane sensors
- Video and photogrammetry

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