Firefighting at Zhanazhol Field Showed a High Level of Their Efficiency

Source: 5/30/2022, Location: Asia

On May 27 of this year, a fire-tactical exercise was held at the Zhanazhol field, in the organization of which were involved the authorities, forces and means involved in the elimination of gas and oil fountains as part of the republican exercises of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atkylama-2022". The theme of the exercise was "Tactics of extinguishing the fire of gas and oil fountains." During the event, the organizers and participants pursued the following goals:

- improving the practical skills of officials of local executive bodies, the administration of the facility, the management of the DES, fire service bodies in organizing and managing fire extinguishing, managing the forces and means involved;

- checking the readiness of the forces and means of the state and non-state fire service involved in extinguishing man-made fires;

- assessment of the situation and determination of the decisive course of action by the head of fire extinguishing and the heads of combat areas;

- working out the organization of radio exchange with the subdivisions involved in the liquidation of a man-made fire.

On this day, both public and private fire services took part in the exercise at the Zhanazhol oil and gas condensate field: these are the Aktobe Center for Disaster Medicine, the fire and emergency rescue units of Semser Ort Sendirushi JSC, RTSSH PVASS Akberen LLP, fire departments of the city of Aktobe and Mugalzharsky district, as well as engineering equipment and specialists of SNPS-Aktobemunaigas JSC. The actions of the special forces of CNPC-Aktobemunaigas JSC were supervised by Deputy General Director Li Shufeng, Chief Engineer Wang Yanfeng, specialists from the Department of Labor Protection, Environmental Protection and Emergency Situations. Ermek Kenzhekhanuly, deputy akim of the Aktobe region, and Margulan Amanbaev, head of the regional department of emergency situations, became the chief inspectors of the exercises.

According to the exercise scenario, in the process of well servicing at the Zhanazhol field, the fittings of production well No. 123 were damaged and the well switched to open flowing mode. Before the start of the active phase of the exercises, observers and inspectors of the event were introduced to special fire equipment and training models of the training ground. The organizers spoke about the need for constant training of fire brigades and specialists at the fields in order to be able to quickly respond and efficiently eliminate man-made fires at oil and gas fields.

After inspecting the site and the report of the organizers on readiness for fire-tactical measures, the start signal was given for the exercise. The active phase was divided into two demonstration phases. At the first stage, work was carried out to eliminate the burning flowing of the mouth of a conditional oil well No. 1. In the source of ignition, the temperature of combustion and the ambient air is extremely high, therefore, to eliminate the training fire, two groups of specialists in heat and gas insulating suits of the AC "Semser Ort Sendirushi" and the RCSh PVASS "Akberen" were organized. Firemen professionally coped with the task and neutralized the source of ignition.

At the second stage, work was carried out to eliminate the burning flowing at conditional well No. 2. For the supply of 7 portable fire monitors, specialists from the Semser Ort Sendirushi AC and fire departments of the Mugalzhar region and the city of Aktobe were involved. Also, the affected oil workers were evacuated from the fire area, according to a tactical plan. Employees of the disaster medicine center provided emergency assistance to the victims. As a result, the source of ignition was flooded with water and foam mixture, the fire was successfully extinguished.

According to the organizers and inspectors of the fire tactical exercises, no shortcomings were identified during the event. The participants met the allotted time, professionally performed their functions, and the tactical management of the exercises was carried out clearly and promptly.

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