Training Day is commemorated by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil

Source: 6/6/2022, Location: Middle East

Deputy Minister of Oil: All of our contracts contained possibilities for personnel in national enterprises to receive training and certification.

-Deputy: We agreed with the Japanese company JGC to establish the largest vocational training center in the region.

-Director General of Training and Development: We adopt advanced programs in the process of qualifying and developing employees Under the patronage of the Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, and under the theme (Training is our approach towards improving performance and production), the Directorate of Training and Development in the Ministry of Oil organized a celebration for the occasion (Training Day), which included honoring distinguished companies and oil training institutes, and a number of distinguished trainers and trainees in training.

The Ministry Deputy for Upstream Affairs, Kareem Hattab, said in a speech on behalf of the Minister, that the leadership of the oil sector paid great attention to the training, preparation, qualification and development sector due to the importance of this in improving the performance of workers and officials of all disciplines and job responsibilities due to its importance in achieving sustainable development.

The licensing contracts commit International companies to train and qualify employees of national companies, by involving them in training courses inside and outside the country, to inform them of the latest programs and advanced technology in various disciplines.

Hattab added that the ministry worked, through the Directorate of Training and Development, to leave traditional patterns and rely on modern methods, means and curricula in preparation, rehabilitation, and application of training methods approved in specialized international centers with the aim of keeping pace with development and benefiting from it in the production process, technical and economic management, and stressing the accuracy of choices for trained individuals and taking care of developing and encouraging competencies and providing material and moral support for the owners of scientific and technical innovations in the oil sector, noting that the contract of the FCC project with the Japaese company JGC has included a contract to establish the largest vocational training center in the region, as this center is being established in the province of Basra and provides an opportunity for the people of Iraq to develop their skills under the supervision of international trainers.

He added that supporting and caring for the distinguished persons and honoring them is an important step that reflects the interest of officials in the ministry and contributes to raising the efficiency of workers and improving performance. Also, the great interest and care in the aesthetic of the artistic form of the celebration reflects the civilized face of the ministry and itsaffiliates, praising the efforts of the Training and Development Directorate and the Media Office in the ministry to prepare this outstanding celebration.

The Director General of the Training and Development Directorate, Bassim Muhammad Khudair, said that the purpose of the training day that we celebrate today is to deliver a message to all the employees in the ministry and to the followers, observers and residents of our approach and our vision for the training issue, because of its great importance, and in line with the global vision in improving performance and increasing production, so that was our theme.

Training is our approach towards improving performance and productionh, adding that choosing the winning affiliates does not mean that other affiliates are not distinguished, but rather to be an incentive towards improving performance and production. Khudair indicated that the Training and Development Directorate tried to focus on the need to develop training infrastructure, and urged the department managers in the directorate to strive for improving this issue because of its great importance in implementing quantitative and qualitative training programs in coordination with all the formations of the oil sector, and we had excellence in the academic education file through precise work mechanisms starting with selecting candidates and choosing reputable international universities. We also focused on supporting oil training institutes, emphasizing the adoption of advanced programs in the process of qualifying and developing workers in the oil sector. The Director General commended the role of the Manager of the Media Office and the employees of the office for their great efforts in preparing for the celebration of the Training Day in cooperation with the staff of the Training and Development Directorate.

The official Spokesman for the ministry, Assim Jihad, said that training represents an effective activity that includes many organized steps, which aim to achieve the goals and objectives through mobilizing efforts to develop the knowledge aspects. The Ministry of Oil has gave great importance to the training and development issue in order to achieve sustainable development which is considered as the approach, the way and the goal that the ministry set within its future development plans.

The ceremony included presenting a documentary film on the training activities of the ministry prepared by the Media Office, in addition to a review presented by the Training and Development Directorate to present its training plans and activities for the past year and the percentage of achievement in the area of training and academic education. During the ceremony, awards and shields were distributed to distinguished companies, oil training institutes, and distinguished trainers.

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