Itron Ships 4 Millionth Distributed Intelligence-Enabled Meter to Texas-New Mexico Power

Source: 6/14/2022, Location: South America

Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) was the recipient of Itron's 4 millionth Distributed Intelligence (DI)-enabled smart electric metre, according to Itron, which is changing the way utilities and communities manage energy and water. Itron has sold 4.2 million DI-enabled metres to customers across the world. The metres are being installed as part of a new programme to transition to Itron's intelligently connected industrial IoT (IIoT) network solution, which will support the utility's Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) refresh goals. TNMP is an electricity transmission and distribution service provider with over 260,000 customers throughout Texas. TNMP has completed more than 75% of the planned deployment as of June 2022, with the remainder projected to be completed in early Q3 2022 across its 13,000-square-mile zone. Meters are registering on the network within the same day and supporting market operations for reads and disconnect with >99% reliability daily.

Itron’s DI-enabled smart meters are an integral part of Itron’s multi-application, multi-transport IIoT solution, which moves grid analysis, decision-making and control to the grid’s edge, resulting in a significant reduction in latency of action, greatly improved situational awareness, more accurate analysis and advanced event detection. DI will help TNMP improve operational efficiencies by detecting unsafe grid conditions and energy diversion through analytics running at the edge of the low-voltage network. The solution will also enable TNMP to comply with the Advanced Metering System (AMS) requirements in the state of Texas. Itron’s solution offers options for adding IoT applications including smart streetlight monitoring, grid sensors as well as the potential to share network coverage to read neighboring utility water and gas AMI meters. “The delivery of Itron’s 4 millionth DI-enabled smart meter to TNMP marks a significant milestone for Itron as we enable unprecedented insight into grid operations, improve customer engagement and increase grid safety with our industry-changing IIoT solution,” said John Marcolini, senior vice president of Networked Solutions at Itron. “The future of the modern grid is dependent on leveraging DI at the grid edge to help manage growth, stability and safety. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with TNMP to enable them to make decisions and take action at the grid’s edge.” “We are excited to safely replace all 3G meters across our service territory in response to the 3G network shutdown,” said Stacy Whitehurst, vice president of Regulatory Affairs at TNMP. “Our collaboration with Itron gives us the tools to better manage the grid, prepare to meet future-state utility requirements and keep our customers safer and more connected. With Itron’s solution, we are positioned for the future in developing and introducing more intelligent services in response to dynamic grid changes at the edge, such as increased distributed energy resources.”

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