Orion Energy Reports FY 2022 Revenue of $124.4M

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Orion Energy Systems, Inc. a provider of energy-efficient LED lighting and control systems, including turnkey project implementation, program management and system maintenance, reported results for its fiscal 2022 fourth quarter (Q4’22) and full year (FY 2022) ended March 31, 2022. Orion will hold an investor call today at 10:00 a.m. ET – details below.

Financial Highlights
• FY 2022 revenue rose 6.5% to $124.4M versus $116.8M in the prior year, supported by growth in the company’s energy service company (ESCO) partner channel which rose $8M, or 71%, compared to FY 2021.
• Orion made progress diversifying its business in FY 2022, growing revenue outside of its largest customer, a major national retailer, by almost 25% over FY 2021. Business from the company’s largest customer was $61M or 49% of FY 2022 revenue, compared to $65M or 56% in FY 2021.
• FY2022 included $5.8M of maintenance services revenue, achieving a significant contribution from its recent acquisition of Stay-Lite Lighting.
• FY 2022 gross profit percentage improved to 27.3% versus 25.8% in FY 2021, benefitting from improved pricing, product mix and production cost efficiencies on higher sales.
• FY 2022 net income improved to $6.1M, or $0.19 per share, compared to FY 2021 net income excluding a one-time non-cash tax benefit in the prior year of $5.2M, or $0.17 per share.
• FY 2022 adjusted EBITDA improved to $9.7M compared to $9.1M in FY 2021, reflecting higher revenue and gross profit percentage.
• Orion ended FY 2022 with more than $35M of liquidity, including $14.5M of cash and cash equivalents and $21M available on its credit facility.

CEO Commentary
Mike Altschaefl, Orion’s CEO and Board Chair, commented, “Orion made solid progress advancing our long-term business objectives in FY 2022, despite challenging business conditions, which caused customers to delay several larger LED lighting and controls projects beginning in the second half. Driven principally by a mix of new and existing customer projects and progress in our ESCO and electrical contractor distribution channels, we achieved full year revenue growth in FY 2022, an improved gross profit percentage and higher adjusted EBITDA compared to FY 2021. Importantly, Orion was successful in growing our business base outside of our largest customer, a major national retailer, by almost 25% in FY 2022.

“While customer delays on several major LED lighting projects continue to challenge nearer-term revenue visibility, we believe Orion is well positioned with a strong customer base, expanding distribution channels and a growing array of products and services to support our long-term growth objectives. Importantly, we continue to build our base of active major national account customers. They are attracted to our high product quality, custom engineering, industry leading energy efficiency, domestic manufacturing and turnkey design, build and install capabilities, all of which are delivered with high levels of customer service. We are actively working to leverage these capabilities and our strong track record of large national, project execution to grow and diversify our pipeline of project opportunities.

“A particular big bright spot in FY 2022 was the strong growth we achieved in the ESCO channel, where our partners are focused on delivering energy efficiency improvements to their customers. This channel is ideally suited to our strengths in energy efficiency, product quality and reliability that deliver the highest levels of long-term return on investment from LED lighting projects. Additionally, our U.S. manufacturing allows Orion to produce and deliver products in just a few weeks as opposed to substantially longer time frames for products sourced from Asia. These benefits put our ESCO and other channel partners in a strong position to win business and deliver excellent customer satisfaction. We are focusing additional resources on the ESCO and distribution channels which we believe can deliver substantial growth in 2023 and beyond.

“We also made important strides building out our maintenance services platform in FY 2022, including our January 2022 acquisition of Stay-Lite Lighting, a nationwide lighting and electrical maintenance provider. Our objective is to build a growing base of maintenance services capabilities and recurring revenue to complement our LED lighting solutions and turnkey project business. Having solidified our in-house capabilities and our service network, this business is on track to generate meaningful growth in 2023 and future periods.

Business Outlook
Orion envisions a realistic path to meet or exceed FY 2022 revenue performance in FY 2023. Assuming approximately $25M in revenue from our largest customer in FY 2023, this implies organic growth of approximately 50% in our business outside of our largest customer.

Key factors expected to influence Orion’s FY 2023 performance include:
• Customers moving forward with projects that were delayed in FY 2022.
• Additional revenue potential from new customers as a result of our enhanced sales and marketing activities.
• Expected growth in Orion’s maintenance services business to at least $20M in revenue in FY 2023.
• Further anticipated growth in the ESCO and distribution channels as additional initiatives are deployed to build traction in these segments which are ideally suited to Orion’s strengths in energy efficiency, product quality, customer service and rapid order turnaround from its US manufacturing facility.
• Strong relationships with customers in the following segments will continue to offer significant long-term LED lighting and controls opportunities:

o U.S. automotive industry facilities, principally for two major global manufacturers
o U.S. Government facilities for the U.S. Postal Service, the U.S. Armed Forces and the Veterans Administration
o National warehouse/logistics customers for new and existing facilities.
o Expected product and services revenue approximating $25M from the Company’s largest customer. This revenue is expected from a mix of projects for new facilities, exterior LED lighting, various lighting and electrical projects as well as maintenance services revenue.

• Building interest, dialogues and potential customer engagement regarding the Company’s PureMotion air movement product line which is expected to generate meaningful initial orders during FY 2023.

Orion’s Board and management team remain committed to a long-term strategic plan that seeks to grow the business, via organic and external growth initiatives, to a $500M annual revenue business over approximately five years. The strategic plan envisions double digit organic growth, augmented by strategic acquisitions, business partnerships or other initiatives.

Orion cautions investors that its business outlook is subject to a range of factors that are difficult to predict, including but not limited to supply chain disruptions, shipping and logistics issues, component availability, rising input costs, labor supply challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other potential business and economic impacts.

Financial Results
Orion’s Q4’22 revenue decreased to $22.1M from $35.5M in Q4’21, a period of strong national account activity. FY 2022 increased $7.5M or 6.5% to $124.4M, as compared to FY 2021. Growth was due primarily to strength in Orion’s ESCO channel performance which increased $8M. A decline in revenue from Orion’s largest customer was offset by growth from other new and existing customers as well as the company’s electrical contractor distribution channel.

Gross profit declined to $5.3M in Q4’22, as compared to $9.2M in Q4’21 and gross profit percentage decreased to 23.8% in Q4’22 vs. 26.0% in Q4’21, principally due to lower business volume. Orion’s FY 2022 gross profit increased to $33.9M from $30.1M in FY 2021, reflecting an improved gross profit percentage of 27.3% versus 25.8% in the year ago period, benefitting from higher revenue, pricing increases and active supply chain, cost and overhead management.

Total operating expenses remained flat at $6.6M in Q4’22 vs. $6.7M in Q4’21, as $0.3M in acquisition related expenses and modestly higher R&D expense in Q4’22 was offset by lower general and administrative and sales and marketing expenses. Operating expenses increased to $25.5M in FY 2022 compared to $23.3M in FY 2021, primarily due to a $1.3M increase in sales and marketing expenses. Sales and marketing expenses increased with commissions on higher sales and more travel following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, as well as the acquisition of Stay-Lite Lighting, and $0.5M of acquisition-related expenses in FY 2022.

Orion reported a Q4’22 net loss of ($1.2M), or ($0.04) per share, as compared to Q4’21 net income of $22.1M, or $0.71 per share, including a non-cash income tax benefit of $20.9M, or $0.67 per share. FY 2022 net income declined to $6.1M, or $0.19 per share, from $26.1M, or $0.83 per share, in FY 2021 as the prior-year period also included the non-cash income tax benefit of $20.9M, or $0.66 per share.

FY 2022 net income included an income tax provision of approximately 26.2%, though the Company does not expect to pay meaningful cash taxes due to significant net operating loss carryforwards (NOLs) of more than $60M as of March 31, 2022.

Orion generated negative adjusted EBITDA of ($0.4M) in Q4’22 versus adjusted EBITDA of $3.1M in Q4’21. FY 2022 adjusted EBITDA improved to $9.7M, compared to adjusted EBITDA of $9.1M in FY 2021.

Cash Flow & Balance Sheet
Orion had a slight use of cash in operating activities in FY 2022, with net working capital used offsetting current year earnings.

Orion ended FY 2022 with over $35M of liquidity, including $14.5M of cash and cash equivalents and $21M of availability on its credit facility, with no material debt outstanding.

Orion’s net working capital balance improved to $32.9M at the close of FY 2022, compared to $26.2M at the close of FY 2021.

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