CPower & OmniMetrix to Enable Standby Electric Generator Customers

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 6/8/2022, Location: North America

OmniMetrix™, a provider of remote monitoring and control solutions for standby power generators and other industrial equipment, announced a new partnership with leading, national energy solutions provider CPower Energy Management, which will enable OmniMetrix standby generator customers to participate in electric grid relief “demand response” programs. OmniMetrix is a subsidiary of Acorn Energy, Inc. (ACFN).

Demand response rewards energy users who conserve energy or switch to standby generators to help grid operators or utilities meet periodic increases in electrical power demand. Across the U.S., CPower manages more than 5.3 GW of capacity for nearly 2,000 customers at more than 12,000 sites to help the grid when and where it’s needed most through its demand response solutions.

CPower’s demand response solutions, enabled by OmniMetrix’s wireless remote generator monitoring and control, will automatically shift the power load to enrolled customers’ standby generators during peak demand hours, when the grid is stressed and energy prices are high, without any action on the part of the generator owner. In addition to the peace of mind standby generators provide by ensuring reliable power during extreme weather events, consumers are now able to be compensated for allowing their standby power generators to ease peak electrical demand through demand response.

The partnership will also serve as a catalyst for dealers to offer new standby generators on significantly more favorable terms to energy users; these customers will get paid for their demand response participation and the energy their generator contributes for shifting their load.

Glenn Bogarde, SVP – Sales, CPower, commented, “As the weather heats up, we are seeing that grids around the country need flexible resources as defensive assets to ensure reliability, while residential, commercial and industrial customers want grid-edge technologies to secure their resiliency. We are pleased to partner with OmniMetrix to pay generator monitoring and control customers to commit to demand response solutions that offer benefits for both sides of the equation.”

Dan Hess, Vice President – Sales, OmniMetrix, commented, “We are excited to partner with CPower to enable our customers and our company to benefit from the recurring revenue potential of demand response programs. Our remote monitoring and control solutions provide the ‘last mile’ connection and controls essential for demand response participation. This partnership builds on the value of wirelessly monitored and controlled standby-generators by providing an ongoing stream of payments to the generator owner. It’s really a win-win for all parties, including the communities where demand response will be providing needed support to the energy grid.”

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