Shimadzu Cooperated in Demonstration Experiment by JAMSTEC

Source: 6/17/2022, Location: Asia

Shimadzu Corporation cooperated in a demonstration experiment by Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) to automatically collect data from an observation system installed on the seabed with an autonomous unmanned probe (AUV). This experiment was the first successful recovery method in the world called "Harvesting". The AUV used in the experiment was equipped with a high-end model (prototype) of our underwater optical wireless communication modem "MC100".

Most of Japan's vast EEZ (exclusive economic water area) is deep sea, and many observation devices such as seismometers are installed on the sea floor. In the past, it was necessary to unload the equipment itself from the seabed to collect observation data, and there were concerns that the cost including re-installation would be costly and that the data quality would deteriorate due to observation discontinuity. From this situation, "Harvesting" that collects only data from the observation device installed on the seabed by using an AUV that can automatically navigate near the deep-sea bottom and an optical wireless communication modem that establishes a Wi-Fi connection underwater. Was attracting attention.

While continuing research cooperation with JAMSTEC, we will strive to research and develop underwater optical wireless communication equipment for various applications such as installation and inspection of offshore wind power generation facilities and underwater infrastructure that will lead to green innovation.

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