Triple Point Energy Announces Consultation on Changes to the Investment Policy

Source: 6/24/2022, Location: Europe

The Board of Directors of Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company plc announces that it has initiated a consultation process with a number of key shareholders regarding potential amendments to the Company's existing Investment Policy and, related to that, a change to the Company's name.

Since the Company's IPO in October 2020, we have witnessed a rapid evolution in clean energy policy, the commitment to addressing the global climate emergency, concerns regarding energy security and the opportunities that exist for investments which both contribute to energy transition and can deliver returns to our shareholders.

" Energy transition " refers to the global drive to address the climate emergency through the transition of energy systems to lower or zero carbon which, itself, includes the move to greater energy efficiency, which has been the Company's focus to date.

The Board and the Investment Manager believe that the broader mandate that "energy transition" provides reflects better the nature of the current portfolio of investments and will offer a greater number of opportunities for investment without compromising the Company's fundamental purpose: to have a positive environmental impact, by investing in projects that support the transition to a low carbon economy and help the United Kingdom, in particular, achieve net zero.

Proposed amendments to the Investment Policy
The amendments to the Investment Policy are being proposed to reflect better the nature of our existing portfolio and pipeline of investment opportunities.

The key aspects of the proposed amendments include:
• broadening the scope of the Company's investment mandate to reflect the wider energy transition sector;
• expanding our geographical reach to enable the Company to make appropriate investments in Europe, albeit the United Kingdom will remain the core focus of the Company;
• clarifying the structures in which the Company is able to invest into, including both debt and equity; and
• including a definition of "Adjusted Gross Asset Value" in place of "Gross Asset Value" for the purposes of applying the Investment Policy restrictions, from time to time (and the references amended, as necessary).

Proposed change of name
In conjunction with (and dependent on approval of) the proposed changes to the Investment Policy, the Company's name will change to "Triple Point Energy Transition plc" (ticker: TENT) to reflect the revised mandate. The SEDOL and ISIN will remain the same.

Shareholder approval
Subject to the outcome of the consultation and Board decision, the proposals to amend the Investment Policy and the name of the Company (the " Proposals ") will be put to the vote of all shareholders at the Company's Annual General Meeting to be held in August 2022.

Full details of the Proposals will be notified via a further announcement to the market and set out in the circular accompanying the Notice of AGM to be sent to shareholders in due course.

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