Lorawan® Solution for Remote Facility Management in the Oil & Gas Industry

Source: ------ 7/8/2022, Location: North America

Oil and Gas is one of the most significant sectors in the world in terms of capitalization, influence, and technology. Responsible for platforms, facilities and refineries across the globe, multi-nationals must ensure they perform the proper maintenance. Helping achieve this, a smartly employed Industrial IoT (I-IoT) solution can ensure equipment performance, improve efficiency, and reduce risks and liabilities accordingly.

By using I-IoT smartly to monitor equipment and process data, companies can improve production throughput whilst reducing energy consumption and emissions. I-IoT can also help improve safety by preventing equipment breakdowns and proactively scheduling preventative maintenance. As more data is collected, algorithms can become increasingly smarter; all but eliminating human error and contributing to improving the overall safety of production processes.

United States >>  9/6/2022 - Transocean Ltd. announced that the ultra-deepwater drillship, Deepwater Asgard, received two contract awards in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico for a total of...

Gulf Oil and Gas
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