Iraq Ministry of Oil: Continue to Supply Diesel in Baghdad and Governorates

Source: 8/23/2022, Location: Middle East

The Undersecretary of Ministry for Distribution Affairs affirmed the keenness of the ministry to supply oil products for vehicles, power stations and private generators, to secure the consumption requirements, adding that filling stations, in Baghdad and the governorates, are supplied continuously with kerosene according to the planned program and quotas and under the electronic monitoring program, concurrently with the supplying private generators with diesel. The supplying process is implemented in accordance with the Council of Ministers Resolution in last July to increase the supply of private generators with fuel and reduce its price, in order to counter the heat wave, and compensate for the power shortage, explaining that, this year, the quantities of consumption increased to more than 30 million liters per day compared to consumption in the past year, which reached 22 million liters.

The undersecretary pointed out that the ministry has succeeded in dealing with many fabricated crises, and operations of trafficking, smuggling or illegal monopolies, by conducting specific campaigns in cooperation with the security forces, as well as continuing intensive control operations to catch irregularities in distribution outlets.

Younis stressed that the ministry and the company keen to assure a smooth supplying mechanisms, considering the difference in the state subsidized price for diesel, which is exploited by some bad people, to monopolize, smuggling and illegal trading or what is called (Black market).

With regard to gasoline, he continued, the Ministry pumps large quantities through distribution outlets and filling stations in Baghdad and the governorates, appealing to citizens to cooperate with the Ministry and the company in obtaining the quantities they actually need and not to attempt to obtain excess quantities.

In accordance with Council of Ministers Resolution No. 159 of 2022, the price of fuel which is supplied for private generators is to be reduced to 250 dinars per liter, and the Ministry of Oil has to increase the quantity of fuel for private generators and open outlets in all non-regional governorates to sell diesel to private generators to meet their fuel needs.

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