Iraq Ministry of Oil Secures 35 liters of Oil Products and 600 ton of LPG

Source: 8/7/2022, Location: Middle East

Ministry Deputy for Distribution Affairs Hamid Younis confirmed the completion of all preparations for the 10th of Muharram visit through the annually fuel plan of the Ministry of Oil under the guidance of H.E Minister of Oil Ihsan Abdul Jabbar Ismail to secure oil derivatives and liquid gas for the processions, Husayniyah bodies and vehicles for transporting visitors who commemorate the occasion in addition to participate in the Government effort to transport visitors.

The deputy said that the ministry has prepared an integrated plan to provide services as a part of participation in the success of the march of million ceremonies.

The Director General of the Oil Products Distribution Company, Hussein Tallib, said that sufficient oil products has been provided for the governorate in the new Karbala depot and the Najaf depot with (15) million liters of gasoline, (5) million liters of white oil, and (15) million liters of gas oil, in addition to the daily quota of the governorate. He pointed out the processing of liquid gas through (135) authorized roving agents.

The Director General of Gas Filling and Services Company, said that Karbala quota of liquid gas had been increased from 500 tons to 600 tons per day for the duration of the visit to secure the need in the LPG filling plants.

The Acting Director General of the Oil Pipelines Company, Majjid Abdulredha, said that the company mobilized all its human and technical capabilities to participate in the ministry fuel plan, by preparing depots to provide oil products for the distribution outlets.

It should be mentioned that the Ministry of Oil is preparing an annual plan to provide the necessary fuel for the commemoration of religious festivals, making every possible effort to ensure the success of its plan the visits ceremonies.

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