Latvian TSO Uses PLEXOS for Transmission and Energy Security Planning

Source: 9/6/2022, Location: Not categorized

Latvian energy transmission system operator AS Augstsprieguma tikls (AST – ‘High voltage grid’) today announced a three-year agreement with Energy Exemplar to use PLEXOS simulation modelling software to manage changing energy priorities.

AST is an independent transmission system operator in the Republic of Latvia, engaged in providing electric power transmission network services and ensuring the balancing and stability within the transmission network.

By providing a virtual simulation of the market, PLEXOS software will support AST in decision-making around the switch to new sources of imported and homegrown energy as the nation looks to improve its energy security, commit to social responsibility and manage the safe operation of the Latvian energy system.

PLEXOS will help AST coordinate strategy with neighbouring countries. With Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania also using PLEXOS, the Baltic States will be able to share insights and collaborate to a level previously considered unreachable. This goal is in line with the overall plan of Baltic States to synchronise with the rest of the continental European power market by 2025.

“This partnership will be of huge benefit to AST, to Latvia and to its people. Additionally, it is an excellent opportunity for the Baltic States to work together, sharing reliable data and coordinating efforts towards investment in clean energy in the area.”

- Michael Schneider, Senior Vice President, Head of EMEA at Energy Exemplar

AST will use PLEXOS to simulate different water time series on hydro generation in Baltic States that could affect supply and prices in the region.

This information will allow appropriate investment in infrastructure and managing the timing of switching to alternative energy sources to keep costs low and consistent for the end user. The simulation facility is crucial for new interconnector development and the assessment of rapid increase of high capacity RES generation in Baltic States.

“With geopolitical changes occurring, the future is uncertain, but by modelling possible scenarios, AST will be well positioned to make good decisions for citizens and investors, building a strategy based on the best available predictions of future challenges and opportunities,” added Schneider.

“We are very keen to get started with this technology, knowing the potential it has to refine our understanding of the emerging energy situation and to both plan for the future and respond to challenges as they emerge. This tool will aid us in data-led decision making in cooperation with our European colleagues and partners.”

- Arnis Daugulis, Board Member at Augstsprieguma tikls AS

Founded in 1939, AST is owned by the Ministry of Finance in the Republic of Latvia. The TSO controls over 5,500km of connected powerlines, 140 substations, and has an income of €126mn.

PLEXOS will support AST’s current long-term strategic goals of:

- Strengthening the energy security of Latvia by synchronising the electricity transmission network of Latvia with the continental European network;

- Sustainable development of the electricity transmission system of Latvia;

- Ensuring the safe operation of the Latvian electricity system and quality electricity supply to consumers;

- Ensuring the sustainable and efficient management of national strategically important energy supply assets;

- Certifying the company as a socially responsible company.

Energy Exemplar previously signed deals with Estonia in February 2020 and Lithuania in January 2022 to use PLEXOS. The deal with AST represents the use of PLEXOS throughout the Baltic states.

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