Iraq Oil Minister Announces Karbala Refinery Trial Operations Kick off

Source: 10/20/2022, Location: Middle East

The Minister of Oil confirmed that the ministry has achieved today a great achievement that has not been achieved in the refining industry for more than forty years, which is starting the trial operation of the giant Karbala refinery with a capacity of 140,000 barrels. This came in a celebration organized by the Ministry of Oil , on Thursday, and attended by the Minister of Culture, Hassan Nadhum, on behalf of the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the Oil and Gas Committee in the Parliament, Yahya Al-Ithawi, the Governor of Karbala, Nassif Jassem Al-Khattabi, a number of members of Parliament, those concerned with the oil industry, and leaders of the Iraqi Armed Forces.

The Minister said that Karbala refinery project is the largest project to be implemented despite the economic and health challenges. It will secure light petroleum products, reducing 60% of imports and saving hard currency, as it will produce 9 million liters of high-octane gasoline and 3 million of white oil and other products. He pointed out this project is one of the projects that support the national economy and sustainable development.

The Minister indicated that the Iraqi government, including the Ministry of Oil, has succeeded in financing strategic projects, especially oil projects, which constitute the largest part in developing the economy. Ismail thanked the former ministers for their efforts in supporting the project, as well as the former and current undersecretaries and directors general for their efforts to implement the project.

The Minister appreciated the efforts of the workers of State Company for Oil Projects (SCOP), the Middle Refineries Company (MRC), and other affiliates that contributed in completing the project. Undersecretary for Refining Affairs,Hamid Younes, said this achievement constitutes an important turning point in the refining industry because of its outputs and productivity with standards of a high quality and efficiency by adopting modern technology according to advanced European standards, known as (Euro 5), The Undersecretary indicated that the refinery production will cover a high percentage of consumption, besides that it is consistent with Health, Safery, and Environment (HSE) standards.

Younis explained that the refinery sector has attracted the attention of the Ministry of Oil, which in turn has developed promising plans and programs to promote this vital sector, including the FCC project in the South Refineries Company, which is one of the advanced projects that contribute to supporting the national economy and sustainable development, as well as adding new production units in the North, Middle and South refineries.

The head of the Oil and Gas Committee in the Parliament said that the Karbala oil refinery project is a big step by the Ministry of Oil to produce oil derivatives, which is a great resource for the country by reducing imports and providing financial amounts for the national economy, adding that the Oil and Gas Committee will work to enact laws that push for large projects in the refining sector and other sectors. For his part, the Governor of Karbala, Nassif Jassem Al-Khattabi, praised the role of the Ministry of Oil and its affiliates in completing this vital project, which is of great significance for the governorate and the national economy, explaining that the project will open the way to provide job opportunities for the people of the governorate and the local private sector, pointing to the great cooperation between the Ministry, the governorate, the contracting companies, as well as security and logistic support to complete the project.

The Director General of Midland Refineries Company, Ayed Jaber Omran, said that the project will produce (8-10) million liters of high-octane kerosene and petroleum products, as well as many oil derivatives necessary for citizens, besides that it is one of the key pillars to support the national economy by reducing fuel imports. He added that the project will provide 60 megawatts of electric power surplus to the refinery needs, to support the national grid in Karbala governorate, in addition to employing manpower and promoting the economic reality of the governorate by encouraging supporting projects that depend directly or indirectly on the refinery output.

During the ceremony, the Medal of Excellence in the Oil Sector was given to the executing and contributing companies, project workers and supporters.

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