During H.E Chairing of First Ministerial Meeting for Energy

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 11/21/2022, Location: Middle East

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Oil announces awarding of the refining unit project at the Diwaniyah refinery, with a capacity of (70) thousand barrels per day, to the Council of Ministers for approval. The project target is to increase the refining capacity of oil products, provide more than (1500) job opportunities, and support the economic reality of the province. The most important in the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Oil Minister Hayyan Abdul Ghanni:

- The Council has discussed the topics and projects on its agenda about the oil, electricity and water sectors and has taken relevant decisions and actions.

- All of us look forward to working hard to speed up the implementation of the paragraphs of the Government program, to enhance the productive and development process and to support projects to improve the reality of services and infrastructures in all sectors. Plans to support the national economy and sustainable development, affirming that oil, electricity, and waters are essential elements for public life.

- We have before us many issues and projects that require review and appropriate measures, according to the ministerial program presented by the Prime Minister in the Parliament, so That is why the Energy Ministerial Council decisions are so important, especially it is ratified by the Council of Ministers.

- Today we are facing a joint responsibility to support the government plans and programs, through the vital service productive sectors that constitute the Council along with the Ministry of Finance. Taken together, they form the backbone of the national economy and public life and for the citizen and his future.

- The Prime Minister pays an exceptional attention for energy sector, as H.E follows up with attention the details related to work and daily development with the concerned ministers, and urges us to exert maximum efforts in order to accelerate the implementation of development plans aimed at pushing the production process forward.

- The aim of this Council is to help the government to make and approve important decisions, in order to speed up the implementation of the government program.

- Engaging of the relevant ministries for the energy sector and the Ministry of Finance will facilitate the work of the Council in finding understandings, coordination and taking important and correct decisions away from bureaucratic and routine procedures.

- We all have a shared responsibility to manage this Council in order to take decisions that serve the public interest.

- For his part, Minister of Electricity Ziad Ali Fadhil said that the first session included a discussion of a set of projects, including supporting of electricity provision, forming a joint committee with the Ministry of Oil to coordinate on fuel processing. The Mininster of Electricity affirmed the support of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Minister Oil for the Electricity issue to overcome all problems and obstacles, which reflect on the reality of equipping citizens.

- The Council discussed the paragraphs on its agenda and took appropriate action thereon.

- The meeting was attended by the Minister of Finance Taif Sami, Minister of Electricity Ziad Ali Fadhil, Minister of Water Resources Aoun Dhiyab, a number of officials in relevant ministries, and the Manager of Media Office.

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