NuScale Power Announces Fuel Handling and Storage Rack Contracts with Framatome

Source: 12/5/2022, Location: North America

NuScale Power, LLC (NuScale) announced it has awarded two new contracts to Framatome to design fuel handling equipment and fuel storage racks for NuScale’s VOYGR™ SMR power plant. This marks a critical supply chain and manufacturing development step, as NuScale fulfills customers’ project timelines to deploy its groundbreaking technology by the end of the decade.

“NuScale is proud to strengthen our relationship with Framatome, a renowned and widely respected international leader in nuclear energy,” said Dale Atkinson, NuScale Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nuclear Officer. “This agreement showcases how NuScale’s technology is meticulously developed with a premier international nuclear design and fabrication organization.”

Framatome will be partnering with American Crane and Orano to design and adapt its existing fuel handling equipment and high-density spent fuel storage rack designs to meet the needs of a NuScale VOYGR power plant. These organizations will develop optimal design and fabrication of this equipment in line with the VOYGR plant deployment schedule.

“These awards build on our partnership as NuScale’s fuel assembly supplier and signify an important opportunity with NuScale and its industry-leading VOYGR power plant,” said Catherine Cornand, senior executive vice president of the Installed Base business unit at Framatome. “We are deeply rooted in the nuclear industry with proven expertise to assist in developing the next generation of advanced nuclear plants for a transition to clean energy.”

This announcement sustains the momentum between NuScale and Framatome, which began in 2014. Through this expanded partnership, the pair will continue to work together on existing fuel design and other engineering and licensing scopes of work, utilizing our combined expertise throughout the commercialization and deployment of NuScale’s VOYGR plants.

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