New Gen of SolaX Residential On-grid Solutions

Source: 1/5/2023, Location: Asia

New year beginning, SolaX Power is delighted to officially launch the latest 4th generation of residential single-phase grid-tied inverter, X1-BOOST G4. Based on the excellent features of the 3rd generation, X1-BOOST G4 has been significantly improved in terms of efficiency, intelligence, safety and compatibility, integrating the most advanced technology of SolaX.

In comparison to the Gen 3, the newly unveiled X1-BOOST G4 features a fresh look. It is smaller and lighter, measuring 404x274x146 mm and weighs only 11 kg. With a wider power range of 2.5-6.0kW, X1-BOOST G4 has a maximum efficiency of 98% (97% for the European version).

For higher yield effi­ciency, the new X1-BOOST G4 has two MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) channels with a voltage range of 40-560V and a built-in global MPP scan. The maximum input current per MPPT is upgraded from 14A to 16A and supports 200% oversizing DC input, which is highly adaptable to the high-power modules in the current market. What’s more, 50V ultra-low startup voltage extends the on-grid power generation time of X1-BOOST G4 to produce more electricity steadily and efficiently.

The optimized enhancements of the X1-BOOST G4 are also remarkable in terms of intelligence and compatibility. X1-BOOST G4 supports Datahub to realize the mass management of multiple appliances in our customer’s home and can support Master/ Slave parallel solution via Modbus. In order to improve the user experience and further achieve smart living, X1-BOOST G4 is compatible with home EV-Charger and heat pump solutions, and can also support micro grids with energy storage inverters. More importantly, the related monitoring platform is designed easier and faster to configure, supporting remote monitoring and 10s level interval of data update, enabling customers to track the data in real-time and achieve smarter management.

In addition to the above upgrades, X1-BOOST G4 is also equipped with many other functions, like I-V curve diagnosis and the built-in export control function, to improve its safety and reliability. Customers can additionally choose products that are equipped with integrated DC AFCI protection, external RSD (Rapid Shutdown Device), and AC/DC built-in Type II SPD to achieve multiple insurances and respond to emergency situations in time. The high IP66 rating of the whole unit guarantees that X1-BOOST G4 can be installed indoors or outdoors and can maintain good working conditions even under harsh environments and weather.

For many years, SolaX has been deeply engaged in the PV industry and dedicated to a clean and sustainable future. The excellent performance of the new gen X1-BOOST G4 in terms of efficiency, intelligence, reliability, and compatibility presents SolaX cutting-edge R&D technology in inverter manufacturing and demonstrates SolaX firm determination to aim for a higher industry standard and strive for perfection to improve user experience.

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