Al-Zour Refinery Labs To Boost Kuwait's Oil Sector Competitiveness

Source: 1/17/2023, Location: Middle East

The Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) stressed the importance of the Al-Zour refinery laboratories, which were inaugurated today, Tuesday, in enhancing competitiveness in the Kuwaiti oil industry. The company said in a press statement on the occasion of the inauguration that these laboratories are one of the largest oil laboratories in the Middle East in terms of area and absorptive capacity for the analysis of various petroleum products and include highly professional national staff.

The statement quoted the CEO of the company, Walid Al-Badr, as saying that the company witnessed today the achievement of one of the most important achievements in terms of achieving operational excellence, indicating that the opening of the laboratories falls within the strategic development goals of the company with the aim of achieving leadership in the oil industry. Al-Badr added that the laboratories are distinguished by their advanced technological devices and high-precision equipment, which makes them a distinguished edifice that the company presents to the Kuwaiti oil sector to push it to new horizons, which reflects the continuous keenness to achieve more development in terms of technology used in “all of our operations, which always qualifies us to proceed systematically towards achieving Our interim strategic goals. He added that (KIPIC) does not only seek to build an oil edifice that contains production and export facilities only, but also goes beyond that by building an independent and integrated entity that enhances the company's strategic goals towards leadership.

He stated that equipping Al-Zour refinery with the latest laboratories is an integral part of the company's vision to achieve operational excellence for its projects and desired goals by manufacturing high-quality petroleum products, petrochemicals and liquefied natural gas supplies in a reliable, efficient and environmentally safe manner. For his part, the Executive Vice President of Al-Zour Refinery, Khaled Al-Awadi, confirmed in a similar statement that the daily successes that have been achieved and the series of successive achievements that are increasing day by day is the result of the sincere efforts of the workers, reflecting the strong determination to move forward towards full and safe operation with the maximum refining capacity of one of the largest refineries. refining in the world.

Al-Awadi said that the Al-Zour refinery witnessed a large and successive set of successes in order to fully operate it, as "last November we started the commercial operation of the first refinery and were able to export a number of commercial shipments of kerosene, petrochemical naphtha, high-quality aviation fuel, as well as low-sulfur fuel oil and very low-sulfur diesel."

To global markets, we have also succeeded in achieving the initial operation of the second refinery. He added that the successes continued with the receipt of the units of the third refinery and the completion of the initial operation of the permanent pumping line for crude oil to the Al-Zour refinery, "to confirm our strong determination to move forward towards full and safe operation with the maximum refining capacity of one of the largest refineries in the world." He explained that the Al-Zour Refinery laboratories are one of the most important achievements that contribute to enhancing the company's competitiveness in the Kuwaiti oil and refining industry, through which the quality of products and materials used in the manufacturing and refining process is verified. He stated that the certificate issued by the refinery's laboratories is considered as a high-value pricing certificate for the product. Al-Awadi appreciated the efforts made by the workers at Al-Zour Refinery, especially the product quality team, which includes a group of highly qualified and professional technicians and specialists.

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