Shanghai Electric Joins Forces with Global Industrial Partners

Source: 3/23/2023, Location: Asia

Shanghai Electric is promoting the exploration and implementation of a multi-energy complementary strategic deployment involving source-grid-load hydrogen storage. The company aims to expand "integration of wind, water, heat, storage" and "source-grid-load hydrogen storage integration" through innovation and creation, as well as industrial digital intelligence upgrades and applications. This strategic framework will consider the development goals of short-term stable energy supply and medium- and long-term zero-carbon society construction.

In the absence of a comprehensive and systematic plan, transformation measures are often fragmented, which limits the scope and impact of deep decarbonization. This was discussed in detail by Leng Weiqing, chairman of Shanghai Electric Group, in her proposal during the 2023 'Two Sessions'. "We should accelerate the creation of a system and mechanism to reduce carbon emissions among energy providers and industrial entities, as well as removing policy barriers between them to form a joining force for carbon reduction."

To accelerate strategic deployment, Shanghai Electric is cooperating with industrial organizations in Asia, China, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and other countries and regions.

Offshore wind power in China

Shanghai Electric Wind Power recently topped the list of new offshore wind power installations in China, winning the industry's top ranking for the eighth consecutive year with it cumulatively providing 7.05 GW of clean energy over the last three years. Recently, its participation in the construction of China's first floating offshore wind power and fishery farming integrated equipment research and demonstration project recently won the floating wind power technology innovation award at the 7th New Energy Power Plant Design and Equipment Selection Seminar by virtue of ensuring and verifying the full safety and reliability of the system design. The Datang Nan'ao Lemen Offshore Wind Power Project, in which Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group participated, also recently announced that it achieved full generation beyond design, completing a daily power generation of 5,882,200 kWh, a new high in single-day power generation since the project came on stream.

International photovoltaics projects

The Dubai Solar Thermal Photovoltaic Project, jointly built with ACWA Power, has entered a critical stage of construction, which will dedicate a landmark green project for the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to be held in the United Arab Emirates at the end of 2023, and will enable both parties to continue their future cooperation in the Middle East regarding low energy consumption areas such as solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy and new energy areas. The project is a landmark for both parties to continue their cooperation in the Middle East in the areas of solar, wind, hydrogen and other low energy consumption and new energy sources. Additionally, the 91.54 MW photovoltaic project located in Palau County, Brasov, Romania, was also recently launched. The contract includes the procurement of equipment, design, construction, commissioning and operation and maintenance (O&M) for the 91.54 MW PV plant. To date, the project has completed the preliminary design of the layout, access roads, and cables, and the signing of procurement contracts for major equipment components, brackets, inverters, among others.

A new generation of electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment will be put into planned production domestically in China

Last December, Shanghai Electric released two new products: alkaline electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment with a single hydrogen production capacity of 1500 standard cubic meters per hour, and proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment with a single hydrogen production capacity of 50 standard cubic meters per hour. Both of these products will be officially incorporated into planned intelligent production workshops upon their completion, the construction of which has been accelerated. This development will significantly optimize China's hydrogen production output, as well as the costs.

"We have planned a 500 MW alkaline electrolyzer production capacity in 2023, which is equivalent to producing 100 sets of 1,000-square-meter alkaline electrolyzers," said Wu Liang, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Bright-H Technology, a company wholly owned by Shanghai Electric. "And a 100-megawatt PEM production line is planned for 2025, which is capable of producing 100 units of PEM electrolyzers of 200 square meters."

Status and future directional planning of multi-energy coupling and source-grid-load-storage hydrogen integration construction

Multi-energy coupling and hydrogen integration are essential for a sustainable, low-carbon energy system. Multi-energy coupling integrates various energy carriers and systems, while hydrogen integration incorporates hydrogen into the energy system. Countries invest in smart grids, energy storage, renewable hydrogen production, and infrastructure for these strategies. The goal is to increase efficiency, sustainability, reliability, reduce emissions, and enhance energy security. Continued investment can significantly contribute to the transition towards a sustainable energy system.

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