Incident in Akmene Wind Farm in Lithuania

Source: 5/2/2023, Location: Not categorized

Today, 2 May 2023 at 16.26 Enefit Green management board received information about an incident in company’s Akmene wind farm (Lithuania) that has been under construction. One of the turbine towers (with General Electric GE 158-5.X turbine) has collapsed. There are no human casualties nor injuries.

Enefit Green representatives together with representatives of turbine supplier General Electric and construction company Merko Statyba will work together to assess the damage and to establish the opinion about the root cause of the incident. Ambulance, fire brigade and police have been on site. A safety perimeter around the collapsed turbine tower has been established and the affected turbine has been disconnected from the grid.

All wind turbines on Akmene site remain stopped for the time being.

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