Dow and Albemarle Corporation Recognized for Exceptional Support to Emergency Responders

Source: 8/24/2023, Location: North America

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) proudly recognizes two of its members, Dow, and Albemarle Corporation, for their valued contributions as they become the first ACC members to sponsor a CHEMTREC® HELP Award (Dow) and join the esteemed Chairman's Club of the TRANSCAER® Corporate Member Program (Albemarle).

As CHEMTREC's first-ever corporate sponsor of the HELP Award, Dow reaffirms its commitment to supporting emergency responders. The HELP Award was established in 2019 and provides annual funding to volunteer fire departments to enhance their response capabilities and increase local preparedness to respond to and prepare for hazardous materials incidents. Sponsoring this $10,000 award showcases Dow's commitment to proactive efforts in safeguarding communities, the environment, and the safety of first responders. The $10,000 HELP Awards for volunteer departments can be equal to a third of their annual operating budget, making this award's impact significant on their department's abilities to purchase hazmat equipment or attend advanced training.

"We are honored to have Dow as the inaugural sponsor of the CHEMTREC HELP Award," said Andrew LaVanway, Chief Executive, CHEMTREC. "Dow's dedication to advancing local preparedness to respond to and prepare for hazardous materials incidents exemplifies the highest regard for corporate citizenship."

Albemarle Corporation, a leading global specialty chemicals company, has taken a significant step forward by being the first ACC member to support TRANSCAER's training and outreach initiatives through the TRANSCAER Corporate Member Program. Albemarle's support for the Hazmat Team Response Fund further reinforces the company's mission to advance the well-being and resilience of communities.

Albemarle's induction at the $10,000 Chairman's Club membership-level marks an unprecedented milestone. As the first ever Chairman's Club Corporate Member for TRANSCAER, Albemarle signifies its distinguished leadership and exemplary commitment to promoting care, safety, and responsible practices throughout the chemical industry. "Albemarle's decision to join the TRANSCAER's Corporate Member Program speaks volumes about its dedication to corporate social responsibility and the company's unwavering support to emergency responders," said Erica Fischer, Director of Training and Community Outreach, CHEMTREC. Their contribution level will provide an entire TRANSCAER Hazmat Team Response Fund Award, and the remaining portion of funding provides no-cost hazmat and transportation training nationwide to responders and communities.

"Albemarle is proud to support ACC and the TRANSCAER program," said David Kobe, Senior Director Global Supply Chain and Product Stewardship. "Providing sponsorship at the Chairman's Club Level ensures that our first responders are prepared and equipped to protect the communities they serve, and this support is foundational to the way we operate."

"Congratulations to Dow and Albemarle Corporation for their valuable contributions to community safety," said Chris Jahn, ACC president and CEO. "Preparing and training the emergency responder community for hazardous materials incidents helps elevate corporate citizenship, for better prepared, trained, and equipped responders across America."

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