Hoymiles Introduces High-Powered Hhybrid Inverters in South Africa for Dependable Solar Power

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 9/8/2023, Location: Africa

Hoymiles, a leading smart energy provider and microinverter manufacturer, has released its new high-powered single-phase HYS-LV-EUG2 hybrid inverter series in South Africa. This addition enhances the company's energy storage portfolio, ensuring a reliable solar power supply for South African homes while promoting energy independence.

South Africa frequently experiences power outages, making it necessary for households to seek robust backup solutions to keep the power flowing during long-term blackouts. Hoymiles' latest high-powered hybrid inverters cater perfectly to this demand, ensuring uninterrupted power.

What gives Hoymiles hybrid inverters an edge?
With a power class of up to 12.0 kW, the HYS-LV-EUG2 hybrid inverters are ideal for homes with high-power appliances, and are set to match the energy demands of the South African market. When paired with batteries and generators, they guarantee families uninterrupted power both on and off grid. The inverters support low-voltage batteries which are widely adopted in South Africa.

The models have a maximum MPPT current of 32A, giving them unparalleled compatibility with a wide range of PV modules, including the main-stream 182 high-power PV modules as well as the less common bifacial ones. With double MPPT trackers, the inverters are ideal for home use. The intelligent EMS function supports self-consumption mode, economic mode, and backup mode for diverse scenario applications and user needs.

Additionally, these inverters integrate all EPS ports, including the PV side, battery, generator, and the grid, simplifying installation and operation while saving a lot of space. If power needs increase, the system can be expanded by adding with more hybrid inverters and batteries, supporting up to 10 hybrid inverters connected in parallel.

Users can also monitor real-time data and remotely manage O&M via a data transfer stick (DTS), enabling better understanding of power consumption and easy issue detection.

Making open energy more accessible
"To better meet energy needs in different markets, we are constantly involved in product iteration and function improvements," states Neutron Wang, Hoymiles' Product Director. "The hybrid inverters released this time build on the previous EUG1 technology and take into account the specific energy demand in the South African market which experiences outages frequently. We believe in open energy and hope that the latest models will make South African families more energy resilient."

Model details:
HYS-8.0LV-EUG2 8.0 kW
HYS-10.0LV-EUG2 10.0 kW
HYS-12.0LV-EUG2 12.0 kW

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