Yanshan Petrochemical Accelerates the Construction of High-End Lubricant Production

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 9/25/2023, Location: Asia

Yanshan Petrochemical is keeping a close eye on the market, actively promoting the adjustment of the refining product structure, and accelerating the construction of high-end lubricant production bases. From the second cycle of the lubricating oil hydrogenation unit in April this year to the end of August, the cumulative production of high viscosity index Category 3 and 4 No. 17,000 tons of base oil.

In order to comply with the general trend of energy transformation and development and promote the development of low-carbon energy structure, Yanshan Petrochemical continues to increase the research and development of high-quality base oils and special oil products, and combines hydroprocessing technology with isomeric pour point reduction technology to make the raw materials more adaptable and The target product has higher yield and more stable quality. On the basis of the full-process processing of vacuum wax oil, they have successfully produced multiple brands of base oil to maximize economic benefits. They have also successively completed quality upgrades of No. 10 white oil and No. 32 white oil according to production conditions to continuously improve the product market. Competitiveness.

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