Shale Gas Production in Southwest Oil & Gas Fields exceeded 10BCM

Source: 10/19/2023, Location: Asia

the shale gas production of Southwest Oil and Gas Fields this year reached 10.051 billion cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 11.75%, and the production has exceeded 10 billion cubic meters for four consecutive years.

As a pioneer in domestic shale gas exploration and development, Southwest Oil and Gas Field has, after more than 10 years of practice, persisted in independent research and vigorously promoted scientific and technological innovation, achieving the goal of "from low to high production, from sporadic to large-scale, and from ineffective to effective" mid- and deep-seated shale gas. Transformed and built China's first large shale gas field with "one trillion cubic meters of reserves and 10 billion cubic meters of output". Shale gas production exceeded 10 billion cubic meters for the first time in 2020, becoming an important growth pole for the company's natural gas production.

Since the beginning of this year, Southwest Oil and Gas Field has continued to focus on capacity construction and production organization, tracking progress against benchmarks and tables, and striving to put gas wells into production early and make early contributions. In the first three quarters of this year, 177 shale gas wells were put into production, with a newly built annual production capacity of 4.209 billion cubic meters, and the new wells contributed more than 1.567 billion cubic meters of production.

Southwest Oil and Gas Field focuses on improving the speed and efficiency of shale gas drilling, vigorously promotes daily fee management, refines mud preventive pretreatment and drilling fluid density dynamic management, and ensures "double improvement" of drilling speed and quality. Accelerate the construction of shale gas evaluation wells, set periodic goals based on benchmarks, regularly analyze the implementation status, and coordinate all aspects of pre-drilling, drilling, and fracturing to achieve "zero-stop". We must do a good job in the development and management of shale gas wells, comprehensively use measures such as gas lift, bubble discharge, and pressurization to maximize the productivity of gas wells, continuously improve the level of intelligent management of gas production processes, and effectively control the comprehensive decline rate of old shale gas wells.

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