Sigma Lithium Loads 22,000 Tonne Shipment of Triple Zero Green Lithium Concrete

Source: 11/27/2023, Location: South America

Sigma Lithium announces that it will commence loading 22,000 tonnes of Triple Zero Green Lithium to Glencore at the Port of Vitoria during the week of November 27.

Glencore will prepay 50% for the shipment of Sigma's unique Triple Zero Green Lithium concentrate at a provisional "premium" price of 9% of the quoted LME lithium hydroxide price (average China, Japan, South Korea).

Sigma Lithium can produce Triple Zero Green Lithium as a result of having effectively lowered its carbon footprint with a series of pioneering initiatives, paving the way forward for the battery materials sector, as follows:

Zero tailings (donated and sold)
Zero hazardous chemicals
Zero carbon (neutrality achieved through Amazon Rainforest VERRA Carbon Credits)

This important milestone underscores the significant capabilities and seamless integration of the technical, commercial and logistics leadership teams in achieving a shipment cadence of approximately 22,000 tonnes of Triple Zero Green Lithium per month.

Demonstrates the consistent performance of Sigma Lithium's Greentech Plant in ramp to achieve annual nameplate capacity of 270,000 tonnes of "Triple Zero Green Lithium".

Sigma Lithium Corporation, a leading global lithium producer dedicated to powering the next generation of electric vehicles with carbon neutral, socially and environmentally sustainable chemical-grade lithium concentrate, announces that it will commence loading 22,000 tonnes of Triple Zero Green Lithium to Glencore at the Port of Vitoria. Sigma's fourth shipment is expected to begin loading on November 27th.

Glencore is expected to prepay 50% of the fourth shipment's value upon completion of loading. The 50% prepayment reflects premium pricing at a 9% provisional price of lithium hydroxide at LME (average China, Japan, South Korea) for the Company's unique Triple Zero Green Lithium.

The shipment is part of a commercial distribution and marketing agreement with Glencore that aims to build a low carbon, environmentally and socially sustainable global lithium supply chain for electric vehicles.

Sigma Lithium's Triple Zero Green Lithium: The foundation of a globally sustainable supply chain
The Company's Triple Zero Green Lithium is produced at its state-of-the-art Greentech lithium plant at its Grota do Cirilo Project in Brazil, the first lithium project in the world without a tailings dam. With 100% dry-stacked tailings and the absence of hazardous chemical products for processing lithium, the Company is preventing water and soil contamination and contributing to the preservation of rivers and forests in the region.

The Company's main achievements towards abating its carbon footprint include:
Zero tailings: 100% dry stacked tailings, with all by-products eliminated through sales or upcycling to pave roads.
Zero hazardous chemicals: Utilizes Dense Medium Separation ("DMS") at the Greentech plant, which does not utilize hazardous chemicals.
Water efficiency: Utilizes 100% sewage water for its plant, fully recirculated.
Water preservation: Preserves 100% of the Piaui Creek source of drinking water for the communities living around Sigma Lithium.
Clean renewable energy: Utilizes 100% clean renewable energy for its Greentech Plant via "behind the meter" supply agreements.
Biodiesel: Utilizes biodiesel fuel in some of its trucking fleet, with plans to increase to up to 50% by 2025.
Explosives / ANFO: Decreased explosives load with computerized load simulation strategies.

Further, due to the low carbon content of Sigma Lithium's products, as well as its environmentally sustainable production methods, the Company's carbon footprint was offset with carbon credits purchased from Carbonext (which are verified through Verra Verified Carbon Standard), making the shipment carbon neutral.

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