Latest PGS Data Enables Mature Understanding of Outer VÝring and path

Source: 12/4/2023, Location: Not categorized

GeoStreamer 3D data acquired 2023, with a planned 2024 extension, reveal an exploration sweet spot, including open blocks and a pipeline with capacity.

NCS production figures for October triggered a call by NPD for more exploration to achieve forecast for gas production. Low-emission Norwegian gas is needed to meet UK and Europe's energy needs.

Outer VÝring offers a growing coverage of good quality seismic data, with Cretaceous reservoirs and open license blocks, located at the northern end of the Polarled pipeline. A planned pipeline extension offers even greater reach for exploration opportunities.

Access to infrastructure continues to lead exploration, and the pipeline extension connecting Irpa to the Aasta Hansteen field will further improve the commerciality of the greater VÝring gas province. PGS has data to support expanded exploration efforts.

'A new GeoStreamer 3D survey scheduled for 2024 will apply the latest acquisition configurations and imaging technology. PGS data can facilitate more advanced evaluations, to find the traps, and explore the Gjaller Upper Cretaceous sands. Next steps could include testing the Paleocene plays,' suggests PGS Geoscientist Jens Beenfeldt.

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