Aris Water Selected for Research Grant by the Department of Energy

Source: 12/14/2023, Location: North America

Aris Water Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: ARIS) (“Aris,” “Aris Water,”) announced that the Company was selected by the Department of Energy (“DOE”) to receive a research grant related to the treatment and desalination of produced water as an irrigation source for non-consumptive agriculture. Building on Aris’s ongoing efforts to further beneficial reuse of treated produced water outside of the oil and gas industry, the grant is recognition of Aris’s continued progress in enhancing water sustainability in the Permian Basin.

“We are extremely proud to be recognized by the Department of Energy and are grateful for their continued support of our beneficial reuse development efforts,” said Amanda Brock, President and CEO of Aris Water. “In addition to the continued success and growth of our core water infrastructure, handling and recycling business in the Permian Basin, we continue to lead collaborative industry efforts to identify and pilot differentiated technologies to treat produced water for various applications including agriculture, mineral extraction, industrial processes and aquifer replenishment. This grant, alongside the continued support of our industry partners and regulators, will help further enhance our treatment capabilities.”

The grant allows Aris to further expand its successful greenhouse study with Texas A&M AgriLife, which uses treated and desalinated produced water to grow cotton and grasses. In addition to the grant from the DOE, a wide range of partners from academia, agriculture, and the oil and gas industry will contribute to this ongoing study led by Aris. The study is designed to demonstrate and optimize field-scale produced water treatment and desalination which is customized for agricultural irrigation applications.

In addition, the study will also be expanded to evaluate the extraction of valuable minerals and constituents contained in the produced water, such as ammonia, with the objective of investigating direct-use products for the agriculture industry. Importantly, the study will also support further evaluation of carbon sequestration benefits that are related to specific agricultural applications using treated produced water.

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