Zhejiang Oilfield Southwest Gas Production Plant to Help Coalbed Methane Development

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 12/26/2023, Location: Asia

The Southwest Gas Production Plant of Zhejiang Oilfield has produced a total of 117 million cubic meters of coalbed methane this year through refined management and optimized coalbed methane drainage and production systems, with good production and operation results.

The coalbed methane production in the Junlian block of Southwest Gas Production Plant is the main component of the natural gas production in Zhejiang Oilfield. Stable production of coalbed methane is an important measure to ensure the completion of natural gas production targets. In response to the coalbed methane development situation in the Junlian block, Zhejiang Oilfield has optimized the drainage system, based on the principle of "continuous, stable, slow, and long-term" drainage, through optimization of coalbed methane production stabilization measures, and in terms of process management, specially managed inefficient wells. Extend the pump inspection cycle and comprehensively utilize pump inspection materials and other methods to increase production. At the same time, we will continue to improve the lifting technology and well cleaning operations to extend the life of coalbed methane wells.

Zhejiang Oilfield upgraded the old version of coalbed methane drainage and production system to empower coalbed methane management through digitalization. Technical personnel went deep into the site to find problems and standardized the collection of real-time data and equipment data from coalbed methane wells. Strengthen the tracking and statistical analysis of alarm data of the coalbed methane drainage system and compressor system, and propose a governance strategy of “statistics, classification, evaluation, and optimization”. Through in-depth alarm governance, the level of refined management has been improved.

Zhejiang Oilfield continues to carry out on-site technical research on coalbed methane, and deepens the understanding of gas reservoirs through measures to tap potential, energy replenishment and pickling and other tests. According to the idea of ??"one well, one strategy, one category, one strategy, one block, one strategy", it focuses on improving production regularity Analysis, zoning and classification evaluation, and research on rational development technical countermeasures.

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