Natural Gas Recovery in Changqing Oilfield Expands “Gas Warehouse”

Source: 12/22/2023, Location: Asia

The natural gas recovery volume of Changqing Oilfield’s gas testing this year exceeded 200 million cubic meters, reaching 205 million cubic meters, creating economic benefits of more than 50 million yuan. Zhao Naipeng, a technician from the Gas Field Development Division, said: "After purification and pressure regulation, the recovered natural gas can enter the gas pipeline network and reach thousands of households, achieving the unification of social, economic and environmental benefits."

In the past gas production process, due to the short time for gas well fracturing flowback gas testing, the wide range of gas well production changes, and the high gathering and transportation pressure, the discharged natural gas was often vented and burned. This not only fails to make full use of resources, but also poses certain safety and environmental risks.

Since 2018, based on the characteristics of the gas reservoirs in the Ordos Basin and the characteristics of the traditional blowout process, Changqing Oilfield has taken the lead in carrying out gas testing and recovery technology research experiments nationwide based on the analysis of a large amount of gas testing data and process technology innovation in the early stage, forming a relatively mature The natural gas gas testing recovery technology system has been developed, and a multifunctional skid-mounted integrated gas testing recovery device has been built, which consists of six parts: gas testing recovery skid, desander, high-pressure separator, diesel generator, sewage tank, and monitoring platform.

“We equip the well site with desanders, separators and heating furnace equipment, so that natural gas containing a small amount of fracturing sand and flowback fluid can be processed by the well site equipment and then connected to the external transmission process to minimize gas testing emissions. The waste of natural gas during the injection and discharge stage." Zhao Naipeng said. In the past five years, Changqing Oilfield has recovered a total of 762 million cubic meters of natural gas, equivalent to 1.0135 million tons of standard coal, through four stages: pilot testing, expanded application, large-scale promotion and comprehensive application, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.6476 million tons.

Scientific and technological innovation is the "golden key" that leads development. Changqing Oilfield actively coordinated and solved the problem, and innovatively applied the "gas testing + recovery" integrated operation and management model with the gas testing team as the main body to achieve comprehensive utilization of equipment and facilities at the fracturing site and further improve work efficiency. At the same time, the construction progress of the gathering and transportation pipeline network and ground supporting facilities was accelerated, effectively solving the problem of difficulty in synchronizing ground gathering and transportation supporting facilities and gas testing projects. Under the joint influence of innovation and upgrading, the gas recovery ratio of gas well testing in Changqing Oilfield has been significantly improved this year. Based on the standard monthly natural gas usage of a family of three in a town of about 15 cubic meters, the amount of gas recovered by the Sulige project team alone this year can meet the monthly domestic gas needs of more than 4 million families.

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