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Water/Foam Fire Fighting Trailer
Fire Fighting Vehicles & trucks

Water/Foam Fire Fighting Trailer
The 400-WF Fire Fighting Trailer is a water/foam one-axle trailer with a mounted portable pump and a 400 l foam tank, designed for fire fighting in high risk areas such as industrial and petroleum complexes and in areas of limited fire truck accessibility, such as rural areas, hotels and beach resorts.

- 400 l stainless steel foam tank.
- One portable fire-fighting pump.
- One water/foam monitor type.
- Two water branchpipe 63 mm (2 inch) diameter with Morris couplings.
- Two suction hoses of 102 mm (4 inch) diameter and 4 m length.
- Eight delivery hoses each of 63 mm (2 inch) diameter and 30 m length with Moris couplings positioned on two hose carriers.
- A suction strainer and 2 suction spanners.

Manufactured of : Steel channel sections covered by welded checkered plates, Axle : One axle of 1.5 ton capacity, Draw Bar : Provided with a towing hook, Drop-leg : Provided at rear, Down Screw wheel : Vertically adjustable with a manual brake, Rear Lights : Equipped, Wiring : Provided with cable and plug for connection with the electric system of the towing vehicle, Mudguards and Rear Bumper : Equipped, Speed : Up-to 80 km/h on asphalt roads.

Extra Advantage
Carrier of Delivery hoses: Equipped with two stainless steel side carriers for stowage of eight delivery hoses, Pump Base : Provided with a sliding base-plate for easier access and unloading of the pump for independent use in narrower sites.

Surface Treatment : Galvanized under carriage upon request, Braking System: Upon request.

Foam Tank
Capacity : 400 l stainless steel, Filling Ratio : 90 %, Material : Stainless steel, Baffle : Equipped, Tank Plates and Baffle Thickness : 3 mm, Level Indicator : Equipped, Filler Inlet : Equipped with cap, Drain Hole : Provided
Variation #1 PN
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