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Water/Foam Fire Fighting Trailer
Fire Fighting Vehicles & trucks

Water/Foam Fire Fighting Trailer
The 2000-WF Fire Fighting Trailer is a water/foam rapid intervention double-axle trailer with mounted portable fire fighting pump, designed for effective fire fighting in high risk areas such as industrial and petroleum complexes, oil terminals and military locations.

- Stainless steel tank of 2000 l water compartment, and 400 l foam compartment.
- One portable fire-fighting pump.
- One water/foam monitor.
- Foam proportioning system.
- Two multipurpose AWG water branchpipes.
- Two suction hoses 102 mm (4 inch) diameter, 4 m length with Storz couplings.
- Two fire cabinets, each equipped with a hose-reel.
- Two delivery hoses each 63 mm (2 inch) diameter of 30 m length with Morris couplings.
- One suction strainer and 2 suction spanners.

Manufactured of : Steel channel sections covered by welded checkered plates, Axle : Double axle of 2.1 ton capacity for each axle, Draw Bar : Provided with a towing hook, Drop-leg : Provided at rear, Down Screw wheel : Vertically adjustable with a manual brake, Rear Lights : Equipped, Wiring : Provided with cable and plug for connection with the electric system of the towing vehicle, Mudguards and Rear Bumper : Equipped, Speed : Up-to 80 km/h on asphalt roads, Braking System : Equipped.

Extra Advantage
Spare tire : Equipped, Rear Locker Equipped with a rear locker for stowage of two delivery hoses and accessories, Pump Base : Provided with a sliding base-plate for easier access and unloading of the pump for independent use in narrower sites.

Surface Treatment : Galvanized under carriage upon request at extra cost.
Variation #1 PN
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