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Air Supply Hose Reel - Automatic - SK type

Air Supply Hose Reel - Automatic - SK type
Air supply hose reel with polyurethane hose, SK type. Work at pressure 10 kg/cm2. Suitable for surface, ceiling, wall installation
Machine Tools Reels
ModelLength/IxO Diam PN
ARASK-RA 15m / 12.7x21mm 6F-15-21  Qty
ARASK-RA 15m / 16x23mm 6F-15-23  Qty
ARASK-RA 15m / 19x25mm 6F-15-25  Qty
ARASK-RA 15m / 25.4x31.1mm 6F-15-311  Qty
ARASK-RA 20m / 12.7x21mm 6F-20-21  Qty
ARASK-RA 20m / 16x23mm 6F-20-23  Qty
ARASK-RA 20m / 19x25mm 6F-20-25  Qty
ARASK-RA 20m / 25.4x31.1mm 6F-20-311  Qty
ARASK-RA 25m / 12.7x21mm 6F-25-21  Qty
ARASK-RA 25m / 19x25mm 6F-25-25  Qty
ARASK-RA 25m / 25.4x31.1mm 6F-25-311  Qty
ARASK-RA 30m / 12.7x21mm 6F-30-21  Qty
ARASK-RA 30m / 19x25mm 6F-30-25  Qty
ARASK-RA 30m / 25.4x31.1mm 6F-30-311  Qty
ARASK-RA 30m/ 16x23mm 6F-30-23  Qty
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