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Surface Safety Valves
Safety Valves

Surface Safety Valves
We Provide Direct Line Pressure Operated Valves (DLPO), Self contained Surface Safety Valves, Solar System.

The Delta Line pressure operated (DLPO) Surface Safety Systems are self contained, hydraulically operated flow line control valves arranged to protect a facility from the effects of pipeline failures.

Available in 2" through 7 1/16" nominal valve sizes with up to 15,000 PSI working pressure.

Self contained Surface Safety Valves:
The Self Contained Surface Safety Valve uses hydraulic fluid pressure generated by a manual hand pump, its major use is to protect facilities from the effects of pipeline failure and abnormal conditions.

Fail-safe-spring return requires manual reset, All valve primary seals are metal-to-metal with replaceable elastomeric back-ups, Closed condition of valve is indicated by extended stem, Valve can be manually locked in open position, The pressure fluid is clean and isolated from flow line fluid, Internal actuation parts are kept clean and isolated from sour environment and solid particles, Reverse gate action.

Solar System:
The system checks the pressure in a flowline upstream of the valve for high and/or low pressure conditions and closes the valve automatically when the monitor pressure is not within the set pressure points of the sensing pilot range.

The Delta Surface Safety Valve (SSV) System generates its control supply pressure and requires no auxiliary pressure supply source.
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