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Logging Tools for inspection of well cementation
Logging, Perforating, Testing

Logging Tools for inspection of well cementation
2" Dual-transmitter-three-receiver Acoustic Wave-Variable Density Combination Logging Tools used for inspection of well cementation.

Only a single-conductor cable is needed to connect the surface system with downhole tools.
The temperature compensator in the Gamma Ray Tool can compensate the drift caused by the temperature on Gamma ray detector.
Two transmitters and three receivers can effectively overcome the problem of tool deviation and the influence of the liquid in the well.

Maximum working pressure:70MPa
Maximum working temperature:150C
Working voltage (at cable head) 110VDC
Working current:
Casing collar locator/telemetry cartridge: 25mA Natural Gamma ray tool:23mA
Sonic cement bond tool:38mA
Logging speed:?600m/h
Natural gamma background counts:?100cps
Gamma error band of ebb and flow:?10%
Upper centralizer:79cm
Casing collar locator/telemetry cartridge:104cm
Natural Gamma ray tool:145cm
Sonic cement bond tool:280cm
Lower centralizer:79cm
Zero Length (counted from the bottom of the tool):
Casing collar locator/remote sensing cylinder: 79cm
Natural Gamma ray tool:114cm
Sonic cement bond tool:
Range1 (X1---R1):160cm
Range 2(X1---R2):145cm
Range 3(X2---R1):69cm
Range 4(X2---R2):53cm
Recorder of variable density or XY:122cm
Variation #1 PN
Drilling & Well Services Logging, Perforating, Testing
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