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SDX/SHJ Dynamometer and echometer calibration
Calibration Equipment

SDX/SHJ Dynamometer and echometer calibration
SDX/SHJ Dynamometer and echometer calibration equipment is mainly used for the calibration of various dynamometers used in oilfield. It can meet the calibration requirement of load and displacement of different types of dynamometers, and meanwhile, it can also be used as a common pressure tester. It adopts modern computer control technology and precise mechanical linkage loading mechanism. It can preset calibration parameters, real time check loading and unloading status and feeds back signals to the computer for display, automatic adjust and control to complete the calibration of the entire instrument. At the same time, the system calculate and saves calibration data and outputs standard test report. The calibration is completely automatic.

It can meet the load, displacement and current calibration requirements of different kinds of dynamometers with its High accuracy and multile funcions;
Manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation methods make the operation flexible and easy;
Full graphic interface of the controlling software has strong functions and the data are displayed in numbers and digital pointers;
Mechanicl linkage is used for loading, unloading and controlling operation. The whole operation is quick and stable. The system is reliable and safe;
Computerized technology is of high automation. Calibration result and report can be automatically processed and printed out;
Multiple safety protection measures (hardware and software) like travel control, over-loading protection and current protection can keep the system safe and reliable;
Mudular structure of the system makes it easy to configure parts of various functions according to the requirement of customers. It can meet function requirements of different customers and it is easy to maintain;
Quantity check of error of liquid level test and sensitivity of microphone can be realized;
Complete functions and wide range of use can fulfil calibration requirement of various echometers used in the oilfield;
Datebase management of calibration result is easy for data enquiry;
Software is programmed with multithreading technique and it can satisfy multi-task operation requirement;
High impedance matching technique is employed to eliminate interference from transducer so that the check of sensitivity of microphone is more accurate.
Variation #1 PN
Instruments Calibration Equipment
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